12+ Are Pugs Good Pets

12+ Are Pugs Good Pets. Ihave found a breeder who includes a check off any possible inherited eye problems. If you want a small affectionate dog that will bond easily with you, the fortunately, most pugs love the physical contact that a good brushing provides and are eager for the.

Pug Dog Breed Information Characteristics Daily Paws
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How do you best describe your other pets personalities? Are guinea pig good pets? They are not as much responsibility as a dog but can offer more companionship than a fish.

Pugs can make great pets.

Pugs are notorious for health problems and most often require a decent amount of money for vet visits, meds, treatments, etc. Yes pugs are good pets to have.in the right circumstances. As well as hay, grass, and guinea. I think that adoption is a good idea if having a very friendly or very tame guinea pig is important to you.