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17+ Are Ragdoll Cats Good Pets

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17+ Are Ragdoll Cats Good Pets. If you didn't know, the reason for the name is that when you turn them on their backs, they go limp, like a rag doll. All in all, ragdolls are very dependent cats that need a good deal of love and attention.

10 Ragdoll Cat Facts Every Cat Lover Should Know
10 Ragdoll Cat Facts Every Cat Lover Should Know from media.mercola.com

Ragdolls are exactly what you would picture them to be.loving and playful. As mentioned earlier, cats groom themselves using their teeth and most cats, like ragdolls, rarely need a bath, but it is not set in stone and largely depends on how ragdolls are known to be quiet, sluggish and cuddly pets and, therefore, do not require frequent baths. Ragdoll cats learn quick and can pick up tricks as well as good behaviours.

Ragdolls are indoor cats through and through, with a docile temperament and a penchant for lounging over hunting.

Ragdolls are so easy going and affectionate that they'll let a child carry them around the house like, well, a rag doll. Docile, sweet, and happy to relax for a good cuddle session, the loving ragdoll will even greet their humans at the door when they come home. If you're capable of giving that, this could be the breed for you. Cats · 1 decade ago.