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27+ Pet Gecko Types

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27+ Pet Gecko Types. Most types of geckos are small, colorful, and readily available which makes them ideal pets for reptile beginners and experienced herpetologists alike. Here are seven geckos that make good pets for a variety of different reasons, such as ease of care, offering a challenge, or just being beautiful to look at a tank that is suitable for these three geckos must be at least 35 gallons as each of them could grow to 10 inches long and they can be quite active.

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Zoo med's reptihabitat 10 and 20 gallon terrariums are an excellent. They are quite docile and rarely, if ever, bite. An elegant gecko that is highly sort after by gecko collectors.

In that case, let us tell you that lizards are the most convenient options as they are easy to maintain.

While there are 2,000 types of geckos worldwide, only a few are bred to be pets, and each has varying levels of care to consider when choosing the certain gecko species are relatively low maintenance and forgiving for new reptile owners, though they still need owners to do research to determine proper. Unlike other geckos, leopard geckos have moveable eyelids. Leopard gecko is the most popular gecko pet. Not everybody wants to own a pet reptile but some people are fascinated in these amazing creatures.