37+ Best Pet Monkey Types

37+ Best Pet Monkey Types. Attack of the bolivian squirrel monkeys. They require a great deal of specialized care and constant attention because of their intelligence.

States Where Pet Monkeys Are Legal 2018
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Every pet deserves love, care, and attention, but some pets are easier to own than others. Monkeys are wild animals, not pets. New world monkeys and old world monkeys;

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Thus, giving them the perfect name is important. 195 best monkey see monkey do. Thinking about acquiring a monkey to keep as an adorable pet? There are several types of primates that are kept as pets, including chimpanzees, tamarins, and tiny overall, primates do not make good pets, and larger ones like chimpanzees are one of the worst monkeys or apes need a varied, fresh diet, and several hours of daily enrichment and interaction with.