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43+ Exotic Pets To Own In California

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43+ Exotic Pets To Own In California. No, large cats are illegal in most states, and california bans most exotic pets that. Californians cannot even have a pet gerbils!

Common Pets Banned In The Us Insider
Common Pets Banned In The Us Insider from i.insider.com

They should be outlawed unless the owner is an expert and knows what he or she is doing and, even in that case, i would say it's only right to own an exotic animal if the animal is sick, injured, or orphaned and needs. You must have a license to own a tim harrison understands the allure of owning exotic pets. I've always wanted to own a leopard but.

One of the more affordable exotic pets, food costs around $5 to $8 per month, and the average vet visit comes with a $30 to $60 bill.

It's still illegal to own a skunk in most states, so don't get your hopes up. Although you can't be the next tiger king, there are plenty of interesting and exotic pets you can own in california. That's particularly true when it comes to many celebrities that have lions in their homes. If you don't want to have a traditional pet, and would prefer something more adventurous, then maybe one of these exotic pets will suit you.