48+ Pet Pigs That Stay Small Forever

48+ Pet Pigs That Stay Small Forever. The problem is, rescue groups say, pigs don't stay small forever. The comedic possibilities are endless.

Teacup Pigs by Aliza Rojas
Teacup Pigs by Aliza Rojas from s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

And, because small is popular, many breeders are breeding for smaller and smaller versions of the most popular breeds. Keeping pet pigs is rather fashionable these days; The problem is that tiny hatchlings grow into large adults.

Breeders say pet pigs can stay tiny because they're learning to eat less, but rescues say they're emaciated and losing muscle mass.

Guinea pigs make wonderful, interactive pets, but they do require some specific care in order to keep them healthy. Experts say that more people would keep their pigs if they were smaller. Mini pigs, micro pigs, tea cup pigs and even pot when keeping pet pigs you will notice that your pigs love attention and will bask in being spoken to your pet pigs are sociable animals and therefore would prefer to be in a small group rather than. Do any pigs stay small?