50+ Adorable Pet Guinea Pigs

50+ Adorable Pet Guinea Pigs. Cats, dogs, pandas, guinea pigs, ocean and wild life, reptiles and much more!! Adorable guniea pigs is a group board.

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Guinea pigs make adorable pets. A lot of the guinea pigs that i have seen sold in pet shops are short coated or abyssinian crossbreed guinea pigs. This means they instinctively fear any perceived predator, and this could include you, unless you take time to build trust.

They are not pigs and are not from guinea.

Each breed comes with its own color, size, and the american guinea pig should be the right choice if one would want to gift this pet to a kid. They're not space hogs if you live in a. Choosing a pet guinea pig should include deciding what kind of guinea pig you want, getting your pet from an ethical source, and assessing the health and fitness of potential pets. They aren't the american guinea pigs you would imagine when you first think of these animals, but rather something slightly more exotic.