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Now You Can Hunt Alaska Black Bear at a Sensible Price! We offer excellent self-guided Alaskan Black bear hunting. Multiple bear sightings in the same area is not uncommon. We hunt bears only from the end of April to the end of May – when they are on the beach eating the salt grass. Grizzly Bear hunting in Alaska. When a hunter thinks of hunting in Alaska; Grizzly Bears are usually the first species that comes to mind. There is not an animal in Alaska that will get your heart pounding on the final stalk like an Alaskan Grizzly Bear. Whether you chose to chase Grizzlies in the spring or fall, my guided bear hunts are.

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The Logistics | Alaska Bear Hunting . Hunt Length: 5 days, 4 nights Hunt Opportunities: Alaska Black Bear, coyotes, long-range fishing Boat- based hunt: We have 2 larger Deltas for your hunt. Our 50 FT Delta- The Sundy sleeps 6 hunters comfortably. Our 43 FT Delta- The Arctic Endeavor sleeps 4 hunters comfortably.

Black bear hunting alaska. Our Black Bear hunts take place north of Fairbanks in one of the most pristine wilderness areas left in North America. Our exclusive use area of 4.3 million acres combined with excellent bear habitat provide you with the finest Black Bear hunting in North America. Black and Cinnamon color phases may be readily taken. BLACK RIVER HUNTING CAMPS specializes in guided Alaska Grizzly Bear hunts in the Talkeetna Mountains of Interior Alaska; eastern shore Kodiak Brown Bear hunts; Kodiak Island Mountain Goat hunts and Sitka Black Tail Deer hunts; Dall Sheep hunts; and Black Bear hunts in some of Alaska’s more rugged and beautiful country. With hunts ranging from the river bottoms of interior Alaska to the snow. Alaska happens to offer superb black bear hunting and hunting for extremely large coastal black bear is becoming more and more popular. Most people think of Southeast Alaska and Prince of Wales Island in particular when it comes to especially large black bears, but the Gulf Coast of Alaska and Prince William Sound also offer hunting opportunities for incredibly big Alaskan black bear.

The hunting opportunities for giant Black Bear and Sitka Blacktail Deer on Prince of Wales are THE BEST in Alaska for a variety of reasons. The lack of hunting pressure, the remoteness of the area, the prime habitat, the excellent genetics and our expertise of putting you on a trophy bear all combine to make this the best black bear hunting in. Alaska Black Bear Hunting is conducted in Prince William Sound in unit 6 along the rugged coastline. These big salmon-fed Bears are just coming out of hibernation & have some of the best hide quality anywhere on the planet. Cruising the coastal shorelines and glassing the tidal flats produce plenty of stalking opportunities. Alaska Black Bear Hunting. Experience our Black bear hunts with our remote fly out location for 7 full days of hunting in the Talkeetna Mountains for berry fat black bears. We will fly into the mountains above timberline to hunt these bears. Elevation is about 1700 – 2200 feet. The terrain consists of alpine moss and rocky ground above tree.

DIY Black Bear Hunting. DIY Alaska Hunting. Hunting guides are fantastic to have, but the price tag is often cost prohibitive. If you have hunting/outdoor experience, the DIY Alaska hunts could be perfect. Don’t wait to check an amazing, big game experience off your bucket list. We have more attention to detail than anyone in the business. Black Bear Hunting. Alaska black bears are very prolific with a high population density in many parts of the state. Several of the game management units that we hunt offer very good black bear numbers and black bear hunting opportunities. Coastal Alaska Safaris provides a one-of-a-kind experience for black bear hunting by boat. We offer black bear hunts in the worlds highest density of black bears. Which means that you have the greatest opportunities at trophy bears.

Fall Black Bear Hunts. Both our spring and fall hunts are very successful. Spring can be successful for hunters of any ability, while fall hunters will need to be in reasonable physical condition. We have been harvesting trophy black bears for many years in SE Alaska. Black bear season opens September 1st, two weeks before the brown bear season. The general season harvest is the type of hunting most people are familiar with – the basic hunt where you buy a license, get tags or harvest tickets for big game, and follow the general season dates and bags limits. Alaska Black Bear Baited Hunts. These are truly one of a kind Alaska black bear baited hunts. Top Gun Treks has exclusive bear hunting rights on over 41,000 of private land in Unit 16B. We have 10 working bait stations in 2018 and all of them have active black bears hitting them daily. You can expect to see black bear in the 6-7 foot class.

Hunting licenses are required to hunt both black and brown/grizzly bears. In addition to a hunting license, some black bear hunts require a harvest ticket, some black and brown/grizzly bear hunts require a registration permit, or a drawing permit, and some require nothing but a license. Purchase Alaska hunting license, game locking tags, and harvest tickets (no fee) online at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) website or purchase upon arrival in Anchorage. For Nonresident clients: Alaska hunting license: $160 (U.S. Nonresident), Black Bear tag: $450, Sport Fishing license (7-day): $70, and Wolf tag: no fee. Alaska Black bear hunting . Alaska Black Bear Hunts with Bow. PLENTY REASONS WHY!! All of our hunts are fair chase, spot and stalk beach hunts. You will spend the days cruising the remote beaches and fjords of the island aboard comfortable 18 foot aluminum skiffs glassing for bears.

A 350-lb (159-kg) black bear will dress out at about 210 lbs (95 kg), yielding about 120 lbs (54 kg) of meat. Black bears can vary in color from jet black to white. Black is the color encountered most frequently across the state, but brown or cinnamon-colored black bears are sometimes seen in Southcentral Alaska and on the southeastern mainland. 4) BAG LIMIT: One (1) black bear, except cubs and females accompanied by cubs. If you have killed a black bear anywhere in Alaska during the current regulatory year, you are not eligible to participate in this hunt. 5) CERTIFICATION: Basic hunter education certification is required. Black River Hunting Camps has teamed up with Alaska’s own Bait ’em 907 bear baiting products for our newly acquired grizzly bear baited hunts. Their products have helped us enjoy some amazing success with our bait sites! Contact Jake for more information on a spring time baited grizzly bear hunt! Grizzly Bears are abundant […]

Alaska Coastal Black Bear Hunts Boat Based Hunting Adventure The coastal Alaskan black bear hunt is a unique maritime hunting experience from a comfortable boat anchored off over 70 miles of private and exclusive shoreline that is only legally hunted by clients on this boat. 2-6 man hunting / fishing party. Call and get a price quote today! Cost varies based on itinerary. 2 fly out salmon trips + 7 day, unguided black bear hunt ; 1 fly out salmon trip, 1 trout fishing trip + 7 day, unguided black bear hunt; River float trip: fish and hunt for 7-10 days; DIY Black Bear Hunt Only (4-10 days) On our Alaskan Black Bear hunts, we maintain a 95-100% success rate. These are six-day hunts and we can take up to four hunters on these hunts. We average 7 ft. with bears ranging from 6.5 ft to-7.5 ft. Some exceptional few are nearly 8ft.

The best of Alaska Black Bear hunts! Alaska is a beautiful place to visit and it offers a wide range of terrain from rolling grassy hills, to steep mountains and it is known for its thriving population of large Black Bears. Click to see our VIDEO. Alaska Bush Adventures Call (480) 657-3174 to book today! Email [email protected]

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