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The Bear Montana Longbow’s limb is coated with white maple and with a black fiber glass face. This makes it more durable and less susceptible to wear and tear, especially for very active longbow hunting activities. Includes General Deer and Elk, Upland Game Bird and Fishing licenses. AISPP, Base Hunting and Conservation license must be purchased separately. A total of 500 are available.Learn more. April 1 SD ** $523. Come Home to Hunt – Elk Combination: To qualify you must have previously hunted in Montana as a resident or hold a Montana hunter education.

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Montana Bear Hunts. Our spring bear hunts are just about 100%. Bears are plentiful and very trophy worthy. 70% of our bears are brown, cinnamon or blonde, and the other 30% are black. An average bear is 6 feet, and our largest we have taken is 7’2″. We hunt one on one, on horseback and hiking. We do not use hounds or bait.

Black bear hunting montana. Stockton Outfitters provides fully guided spring black bear hunts in South Western Montana from our base camp. 4WD’s are used to access the country from camp, but all hunting is done on our two feet. This lodge based hunt combines the mobility and the flexibility to hunt the entirety of our 187+ square mile permit area. fall bear hunting & spring black bear hunts in wyoming Wyoming's premier black bear area is the Greys River country. This area produces mainly color phase black bears and some big bears with large heads. Get unlimited access to over ten years of historical drawing and harvest data for over 1,700+ hunt units. Unlock the secrets of limited license lotteries and discover drawing and harvest trends to create a better hunt planning strategy.

Our spring bear hunts start April 15th and ends June 15th. We truly have the best bear hunting in the state of Montana. With every variation of color-phase black bears (brown, cinnamon, chocolate, brown, blonde and red) it is a great opportunity to harvest a truly amazing black bear. We are a Montana outfitter and guide service providing first-rate big game hunts for elk, whitetail deer, mule deer, and black bear, in northwestern Montana. Our guides are the best you will find anywhere. They are fully qualified in both archery elk hunting and rifle hunting. They take a great deal of pride in their abilities. Black Bear Hunting Outfitter. Stalking within range of the shiny black bear, you spotted earlier you can feel the hair crawl up on the back of your neck knowing full well you have earned this one. Still appreciative of the quality of fair chase, no bait, no dog, man versus beast nature of the hunt.

Montana black bear hunting regulations require that all black bear hunters be tested to ensure they can spot the subtle differences between black bears and grizzly bears. A hunter must present a passing certificate from the black bear identification test to purchase a black bear tag. Montana bear hunting is pure fair chase, no baiting or use of dogs, in fact we can’t even use scents. We are one of the very few outfitters that uses horses hunting for bear in the spring! The Swan Valley is one of the few areas in Montana that remains open for black bear hunting until May 31st. Though elk is the priority species in a combination hunt, having a black bear tag would allow you the opportunity, if presented, to harvest a black bear. Spring black bear hunting on private land is fair chase, spot and stalk. Spring bear hunts are offered the last week of April through May 31st. Big boar caliber rifles are preferred for this.

Montana spring black bear hunt success runs about 90% kill with about 110% shooting. Opportunities on black bear are in the well over 95% range. We have all color phases of black bear in our area. There are black bear, brown colored bear,, cinnamon bear, blond bear, and black with a white v marking bears. There are a great number of bear in our. These Black Bear hunts are fair chase, spot and stalk. No bait and no dogs are used. At the time of this hunt the bears have just emerged from hibernation and are feeding on new green grass on South slopes and togging roads. This northwest corner of Montana has some of the highest populations of black bears in the lower 48 states. And Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, our wildlife management agency, notes our area as being the best black bear hunting in the entire state. Our black bear hunting area approaches 500 square miles.

hunting outfitters. Montana Spring Black Bear Hunts WITH Bullseye Outfitting in Trout Creek, Montana. Outfitter License # 16672 Ben Mummert 15 Three Corner Road South Trout Creek, Montana 59874 Ben Mummert 406-827-4149 [email protected]: Home. Montana Bear Hunting. Northwest Montana offers spring and fall Black Bear hunting which produces a variety of color phases. These animals are not baited or run with dogs. This is a spot and stalk hunt with the fairest chase you’ll ever have for these fine trophies. Hunts will be conducted from vehicles or horseback into areas that produce a. The Last Best Place. Montana, “The Last Best Place,” as termed by artist Charlie Russell, is the fourth largest state. It is home to many different game species: elk, moose, bison, black bear, pronghorn antelope, mountain lion, wolf, big horn sheep, mountain goat, upland birds, water fowl, and two deer varieties.

BLACK BEAR HUNTS. Black bears are plentiful in western Montana and are legal game. The Swan Valley has the highest population concentration, and produces the best color phased bears in the state. We hunt black bears in the spring exclusively and in the fall in combination with our other hunts, or as a stand alone hunt. MOUNTAIN LION HUNTS Montana Dept. of Fish, Wildlife and Parks. 1947-1992. Annual black bear hunting and harvest statistics. Helena. Nowak, R.M. 1991. Walker's mammals of the world. Fifth edition. Volumes I and II. Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore. 1629 pp. Tisch, E.L. 1961. Seasonal food habits of the black bear in the Whitefish Range of northwestern Montana. Spot & Stalk Black Bear Hunting – White Sulphur Springs, Montana . Montana is known for producing high numbers of color phase black bears, on average over 60% of our bears are either brown, cinnamon, or blonde. We only hunt using spot and stalk tactics.

Black Bear Hunt Spring and Fall. Our spring black bear hunt is run April 15th through June 15th. Fall black bear hunt is Sept 15th-Nov 27. These hunts are fair chase, spot, and stalk. Our spring black bear hunt is six nights and five days. Transportation to hunting areas are 4-wheel drive vehicles but most of the hunting will be on foot. Hunting for black bears now will give you a chance to lock down an outfitter for future grizzly hunts. 9. The thrill of a traditional bear hunt. In Montana, it is illegal to bait bears or run them with dogs. That leaves spot and stalk or calling as the only options for hunting bears. The black bear in your territory are under-hunted, resulting in a growing bear population, with many stands having multiple bears visiting them. Unsurpassed opportunity to hunt a Trophy Bear We strive to consistently give our hunters the shooting opportunities expected of a truly world-class hunting outfitter.

Montana Black Bear Hunting. Our Montana Bear Hunt takes place on the LoLo National Forest in western Montana. We mainly hunt theses trophy bears in the spring months of May and June. After the bears emerge from their winter dens they start to feed on the fresh growing green grasses. Our main method of hunting these bears is glassing from a high.

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