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Breed-specific laws state-by-state. Over 900 U.S. cities have enacted breed-specific legislation or wolf-dog hybrid laws. Learn about these laws in your state and if a state preemption law prevents these public safety ordinances.. Municipalities with BSL More states are banning breed-specific legislation as they realize the ‘science’ behind them simply does not support the efforts. In Missouri, a bill that would eliminate breed-specific legislation in the entire state has been introduced, and animal activists are hoping it’s passed and will continue to protect dogs often discriminated against simply because of their look or breed.

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Breed-specific legislation (BSL) is a type of law that prohibits or restricts particular breeds or types of dog. Such laws range from outright bans on the possession of these dogs, to restrictions and conditions on ownership, and often establishes a legal presumption that such dogs are dangerous or vicious. Some jurisdictions have enacted breed-specific legislation in response to a number of.

Breed specific legislation missouri. Two bills on their way to the Missouri House seek to address and outlaw breed-specific ordinances for dogs. House Bills 2241 and 2244 would “prohibit villages, towns, and cities from regulating dogs in a breed-specific manner.” Kappy Hodges with the Friends of the St. Joseph Animal Shelter says several places in our region have breed. Responsible dog owners are targeted under Breed Specific Legislation. Here are some problems that responsible owners run into when BSL is in motion. The added restrictions are simply unaffordable! Responsible owners already invest a lot of money into the health and happiness of their dogs. Irresponsible owners don't follow Breed Specific. A bill recently filed with the Missouri State Legislature hopes to ban breed specific legislation across the entire state of Missouri if passed. Missouri State Representative Bruce DeGroot (R) is sponsoring House Bill 1398, a proposed bill that would eliminate breed specific legislation across the entire state by prohibiting ‘villages, towns, and cities from regulating […]

BSL stands for breed-specific legislation — laws and regulations, enacted at the city or county level, that ban or restrict the keeping of dogs by breed, typically targeting pit bulls. Dogs like Rottweilers, Dobermans and chows are also frequently also affected by the laws. Ban Breed Specific Legislation In Missouri and Replace with Breed-Neutral, Responsible Pet Ownership Laws Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) harms dogs, responsible owners, and the community as a whole, and is an ineffective solution to reducing dog bites. If a Missouri lawmaker has his way, breed-specific rules around the state will go, too. Rep. Ron Hicks, R-Dardenne Prairie, says breed-specific legislation discriminates against pit bulls and.

Missouri breed-specific laws :: Missouri cities and counties with breed-specific laws. Learn more about breed-specific legislation in our BSL FAQ. Please report updates to this page here: . Dangerous dog breed ordinances Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL) is, in simple terms, a statute or regulation that is directed toward one or more specific breeds of dogs. The majority of BSL is focused on breeds traditionally known as "dangerous," or those that have demonstrated particular propensities for aggression and violent behavior. According to, 2016 data estimates a total of 36 states have adopted breed specific legislation. This includes 1052 United States cities, 38 counties, and 292 military bases which impose breed specific laws. From a global perspective, of 196 countries, 43 nations worldwide have some form breed specific legislation on the books.

" Breed-specific legislation (BSL), also referred to as breed-discriminatory legislation (BDL), is a law or ordinance that prohibits or restricts the keeping of dogs of specific breeds, dogs presumed to be specific breeds, mixes of specific breeds, and/or dogs presumed to be mixes of one or more of those breeds. Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) People routinely cite media coverage as proof that pit bulls are more dangerous than other dogs. Costly and ineffective public policy decisions are being made on the basis of such "proof". While this biased reporting is not only lethal to an entire population of dogs; sensationalized media coverage endangers the. Breed-specific legislation (BSL) is the blanket term for laws that either regulate or ban certain dog breeds in an effort to decrease dog attacks on humans and other animals. However, the problem of dangerous dogs will not be remedied by the “quick fix” of breed-specific laws—or, as they should truly be called, breed-discriminatory laws.

Cities and counties in Missouri which have breed specific legislation (BSL). STOP Breed Specific Legislation in Missouri aka Missouri Bully Alliance. 5,272 likes · 8 talking about this. This page was created to end all breed specific language in MO through education,… Breed-specific legislation (BSL) is the blanket term for laws that either regulate or ban certain dog breeds in an effort to decrease dog attacks on humans and other animals.While many municipalities have passed these laws, there is no evidence that they make communities safer for people or companion animals.

Breed-specific legislation (BSL), which unfairly discriminates against well-behaved dogs based on the way they look rather than their behavior, has been widely discredited by numerous reputable studies which found that a dog’s breed does not make it dangerous– negative situations like abuse and poor upbringing do. Missouri lawmakers endorse bill to end breed-specific rules for dogs. Missouri lawmakers are looking to end breed-specific rules everywhere. A city spokeswoman had no comment on the legislation. end breed specific legislation in missouri Nearly 90 communities in Missouri ban or restrict dogs because of their breed or perceived breed. There is no evidence that breed-specific laws reduce dog bites or attacks on people, and they divert resources from more effective animal control and public safety initiatives.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The House perfected legislation restricting breed-specific laws (BSLs) on dogs Wednesday.. Rep. David Gregory’s HB 2241, which has been joined with HB 2244, would prohibit local governments from passing and enforcing regulations on dogs in a breed-specific manner.Nearly 50 municipalities in Missouri have BSL laws on the books now, according to the American Society for. Missouri HB 1116, which was proposed by Rep. Ron Hicks, would prohibit cities within the state of Missouri from passing breed-specific legislation (BSL). The one-page bill reads: This bill specifies that a village, town, or city has the authority to prohibit dogs from running at large or to further control or regulate dogs within its boundaries if the ordinance, order, policy, or regulation is. If a Missouri lawmaker has his way, breed-specific rules around the state will go, too. Rep. Ron Hicks, R-Dardenne Prairie, says breed-specific legislation discriminates against pit bulls and infringes on their owners’ basic rights.

As a Missouri resident and a dog-lover, I am writing you to thank you for taking a leadership role on H.B. 2241/H.B. 2244 to prohibit discriminatory, breed-specific bans on dog ownership. As you know, there is no evidence to prove that breed-specific legislation makes communities safer.

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