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At about 16 weeks old, the American Curl’s ears are developing their final form. The ears curl back and usually form an arc of 90 to 180 degrees. This will determine the value of the cat. The tips of the ears are in most cases rounded and flexible. They do have large ears, much bigger than the Scottish Fold’s ears. Cat language goes beyond the vocalizations that typically include hisses, growls, chattering, and meows.Nonverbal language such as tail talk offers many advantages over vocalizations. For example, sounds give away a cat’s location while posturing can’t be overheard. To many owners' surprise, feline communication is done in large part through a cat's ears, providing tons of useful.

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Her ears will be flat against her head, but turned to the side instead of to the back. This is because when a cat is angry or aggressive she’ll be both alert (with ears forward) and scared (with ears flattened). It’s important to respect the power a cat has if she’s displaying this ear position and DO NOT attempt to pet her or pick her up.

Cat ears backwards. Pet the right area of your cat's body. Many cats like to have their backs scratched and even to have their fur brushed backwards briefly. Use some enthusiasm while scratching the back and at the base of your cat's tail. It can make the cat feel great, and it's a good way to detect the presence of fleas. Question Posted by: Marietjie | 2007/02/19 c at ear tip curling backwards???. HI, I have a 10 month old Siamese called Shakira. About 5 days ago I noticed that her one ear-tip is curling backwards. Cat ears have curled/flopped at tips. Jump to Latest Follow 1 – 7 of 7 Posts. C. Chatty Kitty · Registered. Joined Jun 19, 2010 · 14 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Jun 19, 2010. Hello, I would love to find out what this is..

If your cat has an ear problem, it is probably behaving differently. A cat's ears are crucial to their survival—they aid them hunting and staying balanced. This article contains all the information you need about some of the more common problems so you can properly diagnose your cat. In contrast, the Curl's ears loop backwards in a smooth arc. Cat fanciers also say that the Scottish Fold is much more placid than the American Curl, who is reportedly active, attentive, and like. Traits of Folded Ear Cat. The most noticeable feature of folded ear cat is its ears, which are folded, small in size and folded forward. The ear flap is folded completely to cover the opening of the ear while the flap of the ear is stiff and cartilaginous. The ear tips are rounded. These cat breeds are of medium size with a compact body.

A cat's ears are rather remarkable: More than two dozen muscles are dedicated to moving the ears; they can move up and down or flatten sideways or backward; they can swivel 180 degrees; they can even move independently. Plus, check out the top of your cat's ears when you have a moment – if your… Cats with this gene have ears that start out normal, but gradually curl backwards. So far, no major harmful defects have been associated with this gene, however, due to the more exposed inner ear regular cleaning is required to prevent infection. Curled ears have also been observed in free-roaming cats in the Greek islands and in a cat in. What should I do if anything, for ears that tip backwards? Just the very tips kinda roll backwards. The entire ear is strong and is up straight. It kinda seems like the pup is using his ears almost too good. He is 3 1/2 mos old and is a very stout and heavy bone pup. I realize that is he still young and this may correct itself.

Known as pinnae, the outer (visible) part of the cat’s ear is susceptible to developing thickening, crusting and scaling.The medical term is ear edge dermatitis or ear margin dermatitis.. Causes. There are several causes of crusty, scaly ears in cats: parasites, allergies, sunburn, and systemic disorders, to name a few. CURLED EARS AND FOLDED EARS. Two mutant ear forms have been fixed as breed traits. One is the Scottish Fold, where the ears are folded forwards. The other is the American Curl where the ears are curved backwards as though windswept. A "lop-eared" variety of cat (the Sumxu) once existed in China, but is now extinct. My cat's ears are curling backwards? I have a 9-10 month old white kitten/cat, over the past few months her ears have began to curl backwards and they seem raw and i noticed there bleeding today. I'm becoming worried, what is the reason of this? Should I take her to the vet? After having the mother cat for 3-4 years her ears…

Kittens are born with straight ears, which begin to curl after two to ten days. After 16 weeks, their ears will not curl any longer, and should be hard and stiff to the touch. The degree of the curl will vary, but cats intended for cat shows must have ears that curl in an arc between 90 and 180 degrees. Origin: California, USA But there’s a lot more to cat ears than their awesomely cool shape. 1. Each cat ear is controlled by 32 muscles. Nearly three dozen tiny muscles rotate your cat’s ear flaps, or pinnae, to help. American Curl Cat Breed About American Curls The American Curl is a highly distinctive cat with elegant, wispy ears that curl backwards in a graceful arc, creating an alert, sophisticated look similar to that of a wild lynx. Kittens of this breed are born with straight ears. American Curl Cat Breed The American Curl cat has lively personality showing interest in all activities around him.

Is bending a cat's ears backwards hurtful? I've been told that it's painful. Yet, I find no movement or cries to correlate with this. I bend my cat's ear to give it "surround sound" just to be playful. My fiance tells me that it's painful and the cat doesn't like it. Like I said, seeing that I'm seeing no reactions from the cat that this is false. Ears forward – A cat with ears slightly forward is likely feeling content or even playful. Ears straight up – When a cat is alert, his ears are likely standing at attention as well. Ears turned back – Watch out for this kitty! He might feel irritated over stimulated, so it’s probably a good idea to leave him alone. Curly ears on cats!? Hmm… Curved ears breeds and their characteristics The traditional cat we all know and draw as children have upright, triangular ears. The shape and size vary slightly from one cat to another. Some grow to have larger, flared ears while some develop small, rounded or pointed ears. Have you seen the […]

The American Curl is a native breed to America and is a medium-sized cat. The ears curl out and backwards making the cat look alert with a happy expression. American Curl Cat photo by Creative Commons user Cljk. The coat of the American Curl comes in either short-hair or longhair varieties.. Dr. Houpt indicates that most cat aggression is toward other cats. A trip out of your cat’s comfort zone, like an appointment at the veterinarian, can result in cats with their ears pinned back. Note: the “ears backward” move is also used when the cat has his back to you, but wants to hear what you’re doing. Some cat breeders have made life easier for the cats, and have created cats that do the move permanently. Now, I’m not a great fan of couture breeding, but these kitties sure kick the ear game up a notch. It complements shock:

This is a sign that your cat is being extremely attentive, listening to every sound it can and taking full advantage of its excellent hearing. According to Catster, cat ears have more than two dozen muscles, giving them the ability to do a 180-degree swivel forward, backward, up, and down.So don’t be freaked out if you see that happen! However, you will want to pay attention if your cat’s.

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