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A photographer captures cats enjoying catnip, and the pictures will make you laugh out loud Andrew Marttila is a popular photographer most known for his iconic photos capturing cats in all of. Catnip is a type of perennial herb from the mint family. It has a square stem, just like other mint plants, and a brown-green foliage. Its leaves are heart-shaped with scallop edges. Some also refer to it as catmint and are very efficient in getting cats high. How Catnip Affects Cats

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Video Catnip is still the #1 best-selling video for cats to watch. If you don't own a cat video, this should be your first. Featured on national TV including Entertainment Tonite, and in magazines and newspapers all across the country. This is by far the best video you'll ever buy for your cat.

Cats and catnip video. Cats on Catnip. Welcome to Cats on Catnip. We're excited to have you here! Check out our collections, designed by cat lovers for cat lovers. Catnip is a plant, is scientifically known as Nepeta cataria. It is a member of the mint family, which has medicinal properties, used to make tea or treat conditions like insomnia, anxiety and. You bet they do! In the 1970s, zoologists from the University of Tennessee and the Knoxville Zoological Park gave catnip and smooth rocks sprayed with catnip extract to 33 of the park's big cats.

Catnip, catmint, catwort, field balm — it doesn't matter what you call it. Lions, tigers, panthers, and your common domestic tabby just can't seem to get enough of this fragrant herb. Originally from Europe and Asia, minty, lemony, potent catnip — Nepeta cataria– has long been associated with cats. The first video is great (and the most popular catnip video) but probably seen by almost all (but not quite all!). It shows a group of German cats (I think) enjoying naturally growing catnip in a cemetery. They appear to migrate to it and there are the odd cat spats (hey, must be the drugs in the catnip). Apparently, catnip produces a similar reaction to dabbling with LSD or marijuana (although let’s assume that no cats were actually subjected to such drugs in the name of catnip research).

Cats and Catnip – Funny!In this video, I treat my kitties with Planet Petco 100% Natural Catnip. It's good stuff! It's like the blue stuff (Breaking Bad reference). One of my cats (Harry) doesn't like catnip, and she ignores us the entire time while the rest go completely NUTS (and a little mean!). The two bigger kitties (Bella and Olivia) don't let the little one (Cleo) have any catnip. Cats on Catnip. 2.4M likes. Daily dose of cats, what could be better?! Video Catnip is the world's best selling DVD for cats to watch! Video Catnip has been entertaining cats for over 20 years and has been found to be most effective on INDOOR cats. Most indoor kitties will watch the show the first time they see it.

Unlike drugs, catnip is not addictive, and there are no reports of cats dying directly from excessive catnip consumption. Let’s watch a video with a cat who is definitely getting too much catnip: While cats may not suffer any harmful effects from too much catnip, exposure to large quantities will eventually fatigue the receptors in their nose. This video explains how catnip works. Babes and beasts. As an animal media studies scholar, I argue laughing at a cat who has been given a drug even if they seem happy should raise questions about. “Many people refer to catnip as ‘weed’ for cats because in many cats — around 50-70% — it produces an effect similar to a ‘high,’ where the cat becomes very relaxed, calm, and happy.

Our cats thank you for the banana yeowww review. The cigars and banana came in the mail today. Wow they could smell the catnip as I walked into the door. At this time I no longer know where all the yeowww’s went upon arrival. Please keep up all the great reviews. We have been able to make many purchases for our cats. This video should give you an idea of how crazy cats go on catnip: (video) The Reason Why Cats Like Catnip So Much. I knew only part of the reason why cats like catnip so much. The American Chemical Society however found the real reason behind it all. Let’s dive deeper into this subject. The Chemical That Does It All. Catnip is a mint type of. Video catnip is a movie for cats on DVD to keep them entertained. It has nature sounds and video clips of birds and other creatures that your cat might find tasty. Most cats (about 80%) react to real catnip. The "secret" is in the catnip oil, nepetalactone. Many cats are also fascinated by the video version.

While they do make catnip sprays, cats don’t tend to take to them as much as they take to catnip-stuffed toys (like this one from Etsy for $13.95+), or loose dried catnip that you can sprinkle. The video (500,000 views) starts with an introduction: One morning Ernesto got into the catnip while we were sleeping. All the catnip… He’s a beautiful european cat, a little bit overweight, but really, really cute. Watch him licking, rolling, meowing and having fun with a lot of this herb. Cats and Catnip – Funny! According to Wikipedia, “Nepetalactone is an organic compound, first isolated from the plant catnip (Nepeta cataria), which acts as a cat attractant.”. This compound is the secret ingredient that will get your cat higher than a kite. I promise, your cat is going to enjoy playing with catnip very much.

If you too enjoy seeing cats act all derpy whilst on catnip, then this is a video you cannot afford to miss. (Instagram/@rangonmoon) Many cat parents can attest to the positive benefits of the. Cats on Catnip. 2.4M likes. Daily dose of cats, what could be better?! : Video Catnip : Catnip Toys : Pet Supplies. One of my cats absolutely loves this video. She will run to the TV when I put it in the DVD player. She will watch almost the whole dvd. She even has her favorite parts. My other cat doesn't even know it's on. Sometimes I get her a stool so she can be closer to the action.

"The most common ways cats react to catnip include running, rolling, rubbing, flipping, playing, and eventually relaxing. This response typically lasts for 10 minutes," states Dr. Crow.

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