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After falling in love and adopting a little dog named Ollie in October 2017, Gabby Gardiner and Chris Sheehan decided that they wanted to do more. They founded Little China Dog Rescue, a charity based in Northern Ireland, saving dogs from the meat trade in China. Some were sold onto dog and cat meat traders by their owners and some were stolen. Like all rescued companion animals they will need love and understanding and to know they are safe after the horrific experiences they have endured. After a rescue most cats and dogs are moved to animal shelters to recover. Once recovered they are ready for adoption.

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Thank you for your interest in our S. Korean dog meat trade rescues. As with everyone, the COVID-19 crisis has significantly influenced our operations. Specifically, the impact has been on our ability to transport pups to the US in a timely manner.

Dog meat trade adoption. South Korea's dog meat trade is massive, with an estimated 2.5 million dogs raised and slaughtered every year, but we are doing everything we can to save precious lives and find homes for the innocent victims of this unfathomably cruel trade. The dog meat trade is one of the most serious animal welfare issues in Asia, Dog and cats off the menu is here to raise awareness of the dog and cat meat trade. HSI, SOI DOG and ANIMAL ASIA are a few of the leading global organizations working in countries across Asia to end the dog meat trade. We are a non-profit, No-Kill 501(c)(3) dog rescue organization that saves dogs from the meat trade, puppy mills, and high-kill shelters in South Korea. Due to the stigma associated with mixed-breed dogs and those from dog meat farms, most dogs have a low chance of being adopted in South Korea and run the risk of being euthanized.

We rescue dogs from the dog meat trade, the dogs are then medically assessed before being placed in Quarantine in Asia. When the dogs are ready to fly into Paris, we meet them at the airport and drive them to the UK where they meet their new adoptive and foster families. We provide ongoing support for them to live a full and happy life. This section contains the list of the dogs saved from the dog meat farms in South Korea, now available for adoption. By the buttons you can share the dogs, to help them finding their forever homes! Over 3000 dogs already found adoption also thanks to the collaboration of activists and american associations. An Update On Our Dosa Dog Meat Rescues! September 2, 2020 By Sara Liao, Board of Director & Adoption Manager Leave a Comment On August 7th, 2020 Free Korean Dogs answered a call for help to rescue 6 Dosa dogs who would have either drowned in the recent floods or slaughtered for a celebratory meal during the last day of Boknal.

At the Soi Dog Foundation shelter, hundreds of dogs wait in anticipation of loving homes. Many have been rescued from suffering on the streets or as survivors of the Asian dog meat trade. All are deserving of a forever home and the process is a lot easier than you think. Search below to find the perfect companion for your home and family. More Than 100 Dogs Rescued from South Korea Dog Meat Trade and Flown to the U.S. for Adoption Of the dogs rescued, 60 were taken from a single dog meat farm, which has since closed down In honor of National Dog Day on Wednesday, Aug. 26, the charity NoToDogMeat wants dog-lovers to adopt pooches rescued from the Far East meat trade.

The adoption fee for Chinese rescued dogs is a minimum of £550. The stunning Mica is looking for her perfect forever home, Mica is a survivor of the Chinese dog meat trade. Mica has had a very very horrid start to her life, she is extremely lucky to of made it. Mica is a lot of dog, she needs an experienced dog home. ARK Animal Rescue Korea works with several different dog rescue groups & shelters in Korea. The dogs from our partners are rescued from the dog meat trade, euthanasia or being abandoned (which puts them at risk of ending up in the dog meat trade). Domestic adoption for this segment of dogs within Korea is very low if not impossible. Rescue Groups Raising Funds to Fly Nearly 100 Dogs from China's Dog Meat Trade to Loving Homes.. Once the dogs are rested, comfortable, and healthy, they will be placed for adoption.

Dog meat trade facts: Our Chinese partner activists work all year round to rescue thousands of dogs and cats from the meat trade. Whether crammed onto trucks—where they endure dehydration, starvation, broken limbs, shock and disease—or huddled in the corner of a filthy slaughterhouse, our activist partners are these animals’ last hope. The dogs are transported to the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom where they go to our partner shelters, which place them for adoption and better lives, far from the hell of life on a dog meat farm. Since our work in Korea began in 2014, we’ve already seen some pathbreaking successes toward our goal of ending this trade. Meet The Dogs Available For Adoption. These dogs are located in Harbin, Heilongjiang, China. Most are saved from China's dog meat trade, rescued from dog meat trucks, traders and slaughterhouses. Others are abandoned or stray. These dogs have been through hell. Their lives are a testament to hope and compassion.

We decided to help the Chinese meat trade dogs when in 2016 we started to hear the horrendous truth of what happens over there. The Chinese dog meat trade is massive and it's happening 365 days of the year. You may have heard of the Yulin festival where dogs are slaughtered and their body's are sold on a market for people to buy. Rescue, Adoption, and Public Awareness. Our international rescue and adoption program saves hundreds of dogs each year from the Korean dog meat trade and finds their homes in Canada and the US. Since 2015, we have shut down two dog meat farm operations, rescued over two hundred dogs from the dog meat trade, and found forever homes for over nine hundred sixty dogs rescued from euthanasia or the. China Rescue Dogs is a 501c3 rescue purpose is to rescue and rehabilitate dogs from the meat trade in China and provide them with loving homes in the U.S. and Canada. Support China Rescue Dogs Donate Today

Our aim is to save dogs in China from abuse and from falling victim to the dog meat trade. We raise funds for dog rescue centres in Guangzhou and Suzhou. The funds are used to buy food, pay medical bills and sterilisation costs. We also help foster families in the UK to adopt dogs from China. Whether you have sold your item on Trade Me, or have something else you need to send, you can use our 'Book a courier' service Community. View community. Humane Society Rescued Dog – Abby A Whippet X Staffie $200.00 Asking price. Quick view Auckland Closing on Saturday, 10 Oct. Rove – Trojan's Magic – 3 year old black retired greyhound. Korean K9 Rescue, a U.S.-based organization that rehomes dogs from high-kill South Korean shelters and the dog meat trade, estimates that there are approximately 17,000 known dog meat farms in South Korea, and approximately 10 million dogs slaughtered annually in the meat trade industry.

Available for Adoption and Sent to the United States Every year, over 2 million dogs are slaughtered in South Korea's Dog Meat Trade. At Jindo Love Rescue, we are passionate animal advocates saving the lives of these dogs. With the help of our team of volunteers, we rescue as many dogs as we can from…

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