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There is not one verse in the Quran where God prohibits the keeping of dogs, nor that dogs are dirty animals causing contamination. 4-Is it logical that God would create an animal to be man's best friend and serve him in many ways, and then prohibit us from keeping such an animal?5-If this is what the Quran tells us about dogs, where does the prohibition of dogs come from? Ouch! This is an intra-Sunni critique. A scholar of the Maliki School of jurisprudence lambasting the founding jurist of one of Sunni Islam’s most prominent school’s of jurisprudence. Now let us take a look at the contradictory hadith reports concerning dogs in various situations and see if we can make sense of all of this.

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First of all, dogs are not considered as haraam in Islam. Islam gives permission to keep dogs for certain purposes, such as hunting, guarding livestock and protecting crops. It is mentioned in Al-Quran . And you would think them awake, while they were asleep.

Dogs in islam quran. I am a Muslim. With that out of the way, let's talk dogs. Many years ago. when my son was five, he wanted to keep a pup. Since I live with my parents, he had to ask their permission. Now, my father is a conservative Muslim. He has never missed a p… We consider dogs to be haram in our culture. Some Muslim regions don't consider dogs as absolute haram too i heard. I wanted to ask if there is any authentic Hadith or Quranic verse which calls dog as "haram" (like it says for pig). Please quote for both keeping them and eating them. Dogs have always participated in the sporting world, as the Quran attests in 5:4 [5:4] They consult you concerning what is lawful for them; say, Lawful for you are all good things, including what trained dogs and falcons catch for you.

So I told him to read the Quran and find what Quran says about dogs. It is interesting to know that dogs are mentioned in the Quran 5 times, not just once, 7:176, 18:18, 18:22 (three times). NO WHERE does God call the dogs dirty animals or give any indication that they should be avoided or treated the way many Muslims think they should. The Shorter Encyclopedia of Islam [5] entry on dogs (Kalb). page 215 Kalb, the dog, is also in Islam one of the "unclean beasts" (hence kalb as an abusive word, specially to unbelievers), primarily because its flesh may not be eaten (al-Nawawi ..) and further because, according to the Hadith, there are several special regulations regarding it. According to Islam Questions and Answers, "It is not permissible for a Muslim to keep a dog, unless he needs this dog for hunting, guarding livestock or guarding crops. "Al-Bukhaari (2145.

Dogs in Islam, as they are in Rabbinic Judaism, are conventionally thought of as ritually impure. This idea taps into a long tradition that considers even the mere sight of a dog during prayer to. Looking at Islam from an overall perspective is something alien to most of those who are born muslims. They take hadiths in isolation even if it contradicts the Quran and the basic tenets of Islam. Consider yourself lucky because you are (most likely) a revert to Islam by discovering it through the Quran. The Quran mentions dogs twice, including the permission to eat meat that has been carried by hunting dogs. In another verse, a group of "believers" and their dog escape their persecutors by hiding in a cave, where they fall asleep. "And their dog stretched his forelegs across the threshold," the verse finishes.

Although there is nothing written in the Quran about dogs, Mohammed’s thoughts on all things canine can be found throughout the Hadith (a collection of direct quotes from Mohammed on a range of. Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah (may Allaah have mercy on him) said: With regard to dogs, there are three views among the scholars: 1 That they are taahir (pure), even their saliva. This is the view of Maalik. 2 That they are naajis (impure), even their hair. This is the view of al-Shaafai and is one of the two views narrated from Ahmad. Traditionally, dogs have been seen as unclean and impure, with Islamic thinkers warning Muslims to avoid contact with the loyal animals. Despite the Prophet Muhammad’s kindness to animals, including notable stories of the Prophet caring for puppies, it has often been considered that dogs are unclean and are incompatible with those that practice Islam. Yet, […]

The Holy Quran about Dogs. The common approach from a Quran only perspective is that the Quran mentioned dogs in reference to the believers in the cave and it said nothing negative about them if they were dirty or forbidden. You may also read about Menstruation in Islam According to Islam, a dog may be kept out side the house for useful purposes like guarding, hunting, leading a blind person, sniffing narcotics, detecti… Islam and dogs islam quran. As-salamu alaykum, My name is Lamiya and since I was a little girl I wanted a dog. My parents haven't allowed me to have one because we have a small backyard and they thought the dog would have a sad life because of that. Now I am moving from my town to a big city where I will live alone.

The Quran does not mention anything negative towards dogs. In fact, it’s only positive with the story of a dog who protected the youth in the cave. Some say the saliva is impure but in the Quran it states we can eat meat fetched by dogs so this is false. There is nothing fundamentally impure about dogs from Quranic perspective. Working animals, such as guard dogs, hunting or herding dogs are useful and hard-working animals who have earned their place at their owner's side. Middle Road of Mercy It is a fundamental tenet of Islam that everything is permissible, except those things that have been explicitly banned. What does Quran say about Dogs?? Quran talks about dogs in 2 places. If we summarize: DOGS ARE FRIEND OF HUMAN: In Quran chapter 18, the story of a group of youths is described, who hid inside a cave to escape a religious persecution. God made the…

Islam and dogs islam quran. by Mia2020 2 days ago As-salamu alaykum, My name is Lamiya and since I was a little girl I wanted a dog. My parents haven’t allowed me to have one because we have a small backyard and they thought the dog would have a sad life because of that. Now I am moving from my town to a big city where I will live alone. The Qurʼan, thus, contains not even a hint of the condemnation of dogs found in certain Hadith, which the majority of scholars regard to be "pre-Islamic Arab mythology" and "falsely attributed to the Prophet". There is a whole chapter in the Quran naming "The Ants". In Sunni Islam killing of ants is prohibited. In the Quran it is stated that every creature on the earth is created to serve human begins (2:29); this includes animals [1]. Of many benefits of animals to humans are the meat that comes from fish and chickens, the milk from cows and sheep, utilizing horses, oxen, and camels for farming and transport, doing medical research on animals, using trained dogs to detect drugs and guide blinds.

Dogs and Islam: The Devil and the Seeing-Eye Dog A recent story reveals the interesting history of dogs in Islamic tradition. Posted Mar 23, 2010

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