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Download Pet Parrots Domesticated. I am at a loss to see any possible gain through the domestication of a parrot. But they haven't been domesticated.

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You can't pet any parrot outside of its head/neck and feet once it's mature, or it will begin to see you as its mate. The investment is large but the rewards are even greater. Parrots are popular pets because they are beautiful to look at, they have gorgeous bright plumage it is now illegal to take parrots from the wild and domesticate them.

This story appears in the june 2018 issue of national geographic magazine.

Was it fair to domesticate any animal in that case? Learn the basics of pet parrot care for any species, from small birds such as budgerigars, to large species such as macaws. Because budgies are so abundant and easily bred in captivity they are found in almost all pet shops. These birds make a good first time pet, and many devoted parrot people will along with the canary, and the cockatiel, these three species have been domesticated for much.