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Download Pet Turtle Lifespan. Turtles and tortoises can be such a joy for children and adults. They readily live between 5 and 7 years.

Difference Between Turtles And Tortoises
Difference Between Turtles And Tortoises from www.telegraph.co.uk

They come off as clumsy … Greek tortoise the greek tortoise can only grow up to 5 to 8 inches with a lifespan of 20 years or more. If you want to get one of these slender creatures as a pet, then read this article regarding how to care for one.

The little painted turtle can win anyone's heart with its innocent eyes and bright colors.

Turtles make great pets with turtles living up to 30 years and the land dwelling tortoise living feasibly hundreds of years! They come off as clumsy … Just like monkeys and penguins, many people have an odd fascination with turtles. Turtles and tortoises have rather long lifespans, which most people aren't prepared to deal with.