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Download Salt Water Turtle Pet. I have had salt tanks since 1982 and dive around turtles in maui every i have a pet store and there are ton's of people that have lizards and frogs and turtles. This trait gives them the ability to sit on the bottom and reach up to take a breath of air (see if you can provide an aquatic water turtle with this type of living space, next you should think about where to get your new pet and what breed to get.

Turtle Faq S Central Mississippi Turtle Rescue
Turtle Faq S Central Mississippi Turtle Rescue from www.centralmsturtlerescue.com

Aquarium turtle reptile sticks food. Alibaba.com offers 683 salt water pets products. You'll need to find someone to how to care for pet turtles.

Taking him to the beach,, prolly not the best idea no, most gift pet turtles you find at chinese stores are fresh water turtles and with improper care they will die anyways before reaching five years old.

See more ideas about salt water fish, saltwater tank, ocean creatures. Make sure you have him in the proper conditions. Turtles need fresh, clean water and bedding. Float on water, made in japan.