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The durian fruit is native to Southeast Asia and is commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Known in some places as the “king of fruits,” the large, thorny durian ranges in color from pale yellow to red. Durian fruit is a large fruit with custard-like flesh and a hard, spiky shell. It’s huge – durian can grow up to 1 foot long and 6 inches wide. It’s famous for its strong smell, which food writer Richard Sterling has described as: “its odour is best described as…turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock.

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Durian is a seasonal fruit; its season lasts typically from June until August which coincides with that of the other tropical specific fruits like mangosteen, jackfruit, and mango. Durian fruit is distinctive for its large size, unique odor, and formidable thorn-covered husk.

Durian fruit. Here’s Where You Can Get Musang King Durian Snowskin Mooncake Made With 100% Durian Fruit 100% Halal-Certified Too! Amelia Thai September 17, 2020. 0 2 minutes read. It’s that time of the year again! Vibrant-coloured lanterns and mooncakes of all shapes and sizes flood your local malls and bakeries. With a boatload of mooncakes in the. Durian, (Durio zibethinus), tree of the hibiscus, or mallow, family and its large edible fruit.The durian is cultivated in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and southern Thailand and is seldom exported. Although the durian has a mild sweet flavour, it also has a pungent odour, which has been compared to that of Limburger cheese; for this reason, the fruit is banned from public. Durian is one of the most divisive foods in the world. Loved by some and hated by others, this tropical fruit can be served raw or cooked. Durian is primarily harvested in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, but the unusual fruit has become popular throughout Asia and can be found in Asian markets in the United States.

Durian is a seasonal fruit; its season lasts typically from June till August, which coincides with that of the other tropical specific fruits like mangosteen, jack fruit, and mango. The fruit is distinctive for its large size, unique odor, and formidable thorn- covered husk. Durian Fruit: Durian fruit, similar to jackfruit, somehow in appearance belongs to genus Durio with 30 recognized and several unknown species. 9 species of Durio trees produce edible fruit having hundreds of varieties available in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Shopping for Durian . Thailand is the world's largest exporter of durian, and the fruit is sold in Asian markets or Asian grocery stores here in the U.S. Look for light-colored spikes without any dark brown patches or bits of white between the spikes, which are signs of overripeness.

If you’ve smelled a durian even once, you probably remember it. Even with the husk intact, the notorious Asian fruit has such a potent stench that it’s banned on the Singapore Rapid Mass. The Durian is widely known and revered in Southeast Asia as the "King of Fruits", durian fruit is distinctive for its large size, unique odor, and formidable thorn-covered husk. Durian fruits can grow up to 30 centimeters (12 in) long and 15 centimeters (6 in) in diameter, and typically weighs one to three kilograms (2 to 7 lb). Was skeptical initially (that’s why I ordered 400g instead of 800g) but was pleasantly surprised by the overall experience. From the ease of ordering online, to the prompt delivery, and most importantly, the fruit tastes just as Durian Delivery promised-the seed was relatively flat and the pulp was creamy, full-bodied and had a bitter tinge.

Durian fruit is generally slightly oval, about a foot wide and covered in formidable looking spikes. The fruit can weigh between two to seven pounds, and this is heavy enough that in holding it in your hands by the body of the fruit, instead of the stem, it could potentially pierce the skin. Durian adalah nama tumbuhan tropis yang berasal dari wilayah Asia Tenggara, sekaligus nama buahnya yang bisa dimakan.Nama ini diambil dari ciri khas kulit buahnya yang keras dan berlekuk-lekuk tajam sehingga menyerupai duri.Sebutan populernya adalah "raja dari segala buah" (King of Fruit).Durian adalah buah yang kontroversial, meskipun banyak orang yang menyukainya, tetapi sebagian yang lain. Durian is a nutrient-dense fruit that has a strong smell and unusual taste. It’s high in calories for a fruit, due to its content of healthy fats. This fruit is a great source of vitamin C, B vitamins, fiber, manganese and more. It can be eaten raw or cooked and added to both sweet and savory recipes.

Durian fruit stink prompts university evacuation The spiky fruit's flavor and creamy texture has made it popular throughout Southeast Asia, but its infamous odor has gained it many detractors. Durian is a fruit from Southeast Asia that’s famous for its large size, its thick and spiky shell, and its pungent smell and potent flavor. In fact, durian is known as the world’s smelliest fruit, and it has even been banned in some public spaces because of its smell. Durian can be eaten raw, served with rice, or even fried. The durian (/ ˈ dj ʊər i ə n, ˈ d ʊr-,-æ n /) is the fruit of several tree species belonging to the genus Durio.There are 30 recognised Durio species, at least nine of which produce edible fruit, with over 300 named varieties in Thailand and 100 in Malaysia, as of 1987. Durio zibethinus is the only species available in the international market: other species are sold in their local regions.

Durian is a native fruit of Malaysia, Indonesia, and the island of Borneo. Due to its popularity in SE Asia, cultivation has spread to Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Southern India as well as the Chinese island Hainan. R&R Durian 榴莲. 553 likes. R&R Durian specializes in top-grade Mao Shan Wang, the most highly regarded breed of durian in Asia. Within this range, R&R Durian offers “Black Gold”, the rarest, and most… Durian is a tropical fruit distinguished by its large size and spiky, hard outer shell.. It has a smelly, custard-like flesh with large seeds. There are several varieties, but the most common one.

Durian Durian (Hanzi: 榴槤飄飄; Yale (Bahasa Kanton): Làuh Lìn Pìu Pìu) adalah sebuah film Hong Kong 2000 yang disutradarai oleh Fruit Chan.Film tersebut mengisahkan pengalaman seorang gadis muda, Fan (Mak Wai-Fan) dan tetangganya yang menjadi pekerja seks, Yan di Hong Kong. If you have ever been to Asia or Australia, I bet you know about Durian fruit. Durian fruit is grown in Southeast Asia. It is particularly popular in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia. Durian fruit is famous for its rich and creamy texture. It is often referred to as “the king of fruits” in Asia. Overview Information Durian is the fruit of a certain tree. The term durian can also be used to refer to the tree itself. The fruit, bark, and leaves of the durian tree are used as medicine.

Durio zibethinus is the most common tree species in the genus Durio that are known as durian and have edible fruit also known as durian.. As with most other durian species, the edible flesh emits a distinctive odour that is strong and penetrating even when the husk is intact.

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