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In a continued effort to produce Quality Old English Mastiffs that exhibit breed type, we have imported dogs, and worked with a small group of breeders to compliment our breeding HOBBY, and in following the tradition of breeding the Healthiest Mastiffs possible. All breeding stock are OFA certified, or out of Certified Parents/Heritage. The Mastiff is sometimes known as the Old English Mastiff. Mastiffs have been bred for all manner of tasks over the centuries. They were used as dogs of war, for gladiatorial contests in Roman arenas, for bear baiting and as draft animals. Their main use was as guardians of people and property.

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Dog Group: Working Size: 28-30 inches tall, 170-190 lbs Lifespan: 6-12 years Energy Level: Low Coat: Short and flat, with thickest hair over neck and shoulders Shedding: Moderate Hypoallergenic: No. History: While the exact origin of the English Mastiff is unclear, the breed has undoubtedly been around since ancient times.During medieval times, Mastiffs were widely used as war dogs, hunting.

English mastiff breeders. The best way to get a healthy, happy, quality Mastiff puppy is to purchase one directly from a reputable breeder. Reputable breeders put the welfare of their dogs and the improvement of the breed above their desire for financial gain. Reputable breeders will take back or replace a puppy who is found to have a congenital defect. Official site of the Canadian Mastiff Club. Information on the breed, membership, events, breeder listings and much more. Often described as gentle giants, English Mastiffs weigh in at around 220 pounds or more and stand between 28 and 36 inches tall. Though the English Mastiff temperament makes the breed extremely gentle and loving with family members, the massive size of these dogs makes them best for a more experienced dog owner. If you […]

Oakgrove Mastiffs, Oakgrove Kennels, English Mastiff's, Puppies, Breeders, Urbana, Missouri . English Mastiff's. working with other breeders and years of raising mastiffs to provide the best care possible to our mastiff. We take pride in raising the highest quality puppies. Our English mastiffs have been featured in the new Sandlot 2 movie. As well as in in 8 different mastiff calendars around the world. And our mastiffs are featured in several published famous mastiff poems, Such as Steadfast and True, A Mastiff's heart, and Come on in a mastiff lives here, We have produced many show champions over the years. Breeders of English Mastiffs. Mountain Top Mastiffs breeds health tested Mastiffs to produce top quality well socialized Mastiff puppies. English Mastiff puppies for sale occasionally.

We specialize in producing the highest quality English Mastiff dogs. Royal Oak Mastiffs are available for consultation at any point in the dog's development. Our goal as a Mastiff breeder is to breed for type, health, and temperment. We believe the Mastiff breed should be large, very powerful with big heads, wide chests, and huge bone. Our English Mastiffs live with us not just as pets, but as part of our family. Mountain Top Mastiffs has an average of one to three AKC registered Mastiff litters a year. English Mastiff Dogs from a World-Renowned Mastiff Breeder Now introducing BEOWULF FRENCH BULLDOGS We are so happy to have top quailty Mastiff and Frenchies babies. We . Welcome to Beowulf Mastiffs Global & Beowulf French Bulldogs. I am a 5 week old Beowulf Mastiff puppy. I wanted to give you a "high 5" and say hi.

If you are not completely sure that the Mastiff is the right breed for you, we would be happy to speak with you and help foster an informed, accurate decision on adoption. We Are Registered AKC English Mastiff Breeders. We are AKC English Mastiff breeders, which means we have been vetted by the best and adhere to stringent quality and care. The English Mastiff is the oldest English dog breed. This protective and loving dog is a great watch dog. As one of the heaviest breeds, the English Mastiff can exceed 200 pounds. Some of the physical characteristics of this breed includes its large size, a muscular build, wide-set eyes, black “mask”, and a wrinkled forehead. Find Mastiff Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Mastiff information. All Mastiff found here are from AKC-Registered parents.

Understanding the English Mastiff Temperament Often described as gentle giants, English Mastiffs weigh in at around 220 pounds or more and stand between 28 and 36 inches tall. Though the English Mastiff temperament makes the breed extremely gentle and loving with family members, the massive size of these dogs makes them best for a more. The Mastiff population was rebuilt with the help of U.S. breeders who exported specimens from good British stock back to the mother country. Today’s Mastiff is more docile and friendly than his. Breeders of English Mastiffs and only English Mastiffs. We are Mastiff breeders located in the Comox Valley, British Columbia, Canada. Our English Mastiffs and our English Mastiff puppies are raised in a loving home environment. We breed only Mastiffs, not multiple breeds. "Breeding Quality" is our motto. Breeding only the Best English Mastiff.

These are genuine purebred registered mastiff puppies (Old English Mastiff) not crossbred dogs. The breeder is a member of Dogs NZ Accredited Breeder Scheme and has used best practice to fully health check, DNA profile and Hip and Elbow score parents. Attached is the link to Dogs NZ formal litter notification: English Mastiff Dog Breeders. Find English Mastiff Puppies For Sale on Pets4You.com. Also known as the Old English Mastiff, these dogs are one of the heaviest breeds. Male Mastiffs can exceed 200 lbs. and stand as tall as 34"-36" at the shoulder. The females are usually somewhat smaller. They are very powerful, massive and muscular. Reliable Companion Dogs from Trusted English Mastiff Breeders. Fawn & Brindle's Available. New litter Born 12-27-2019! $2500.00. Our Dogs. Bayou Mastiffs breeds Old English Mastiff puppies as ideal companion pets. Mastiffs are very mild mannered and ideal for families with children. Stud Service

we are an english mastiff breeder started in metro atlanta, georgia. we now live in nw vermont. we breed for size, temperament, and health. our mastiffs are kept inside and are a part of our family. when you purchase a dog from us you will get lifetime advice and support. we health test our adults and health guarantee our mastiff puppies. Reputable breeders; and more. Some of our dogs. Connect With Us. Contact Us. Thank you for visiting our website. Our goal as a reputable breeder is to provide you with information about the English Mastiff and English Mastiff puppies, when we are breeding, and to give you the important links we think you should know about. If you have any. Hallberd Mr. Malcolm Clark Kidwelly Dyfed Current Health Tests. Welcome to Hallberd Mastiffs, I am situated in West Wales. I fell in love with this breed when I was a boy but could only recently give the time these magnificent dogs deserve I currently own 6 mastiffs all are pets first and foremost.

Babies are $3500.00. Breeders Choice pups or select litters may be higher in cost. Older puppies/dogs price may vary. We retire most females at 3 1/2 and are looking for wonderful homes for them at reasonable prices. All Beowulf Mastiffs are sold on contract (Spay/Neuter or Show).

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