Feeding Stray Cats Apartment Complex

Since cats can’t speak for themselves, they need you to be their spokesperson. You can build support by going door-to-door in neighborhoods around the property to find people who will advocate for the cats to stay. For example, if it’s an apartment complex, property management will likely respond best to its own tenants. Ivie Lee and her boyfriend Jason are a kindhearted couple who live in an apartment complex in California. The couple regularly saw a stray cat wandering around the complex, and they began feeding her. They named the cat Mary.

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This lady asked if I was feeding the stray cats, including the orange one, around the apartment. I said I wasn't and that I have no cats and I have no food for cats, which is a lie anyway. They want a $500 deposit for dogs and cats.

Feeding stray cats apartment complex. A couple living in an apartment complex in California saw a stray cat that kept returning. They decided to start feeding the cat. At about the same time every day, the cat would return for more food. They fed her regularly and expected to see her every day. Then one day, the cat stopped showing up and the couple got worried. Stray cats also known as feral cats are cats that live in the wild or on the streets, having no owner. A lot of animal lovers feed stray cats; however, this may present a few risks that you need to be aware of. 1. Stray Cats Could Have Rabies. Stray cats may transmit rabies to people through saliva and biting. Is the apartment complex abandoned, or are people actively coming and going to their homes?. Feeding feral cats imposes a situation on you and your neighbors who may not want to deal with an animal.. Emergency Cold Weather Shelter for Stray or Feral Cats. by Keely Deuschle 5. Care & Feeding. Cat Care 101: A Guide for New Cat Owners.

The family brought suit against the apartment complex, the city, the county, and the garbage disposal company servicing the apartment complex, alleging, among other things, that attracting the cats constituted a nuisance. Id. at *1–4. Is there a stray cat outside your house? Is there a colony living in your apartment complex? Do you know of a neighbor who is feeding stray cats but NOT spaying or neutering them? Do you see apparently homeless cats hanging around the train station, junk yard, etc.? Cats roam outside in most neighborhoods in the United States. Related articles. Animals v. Animals: A False Choice, Wendy Anderson and Amy Vaniotis, ABA Animal Law Committee Newsletter ( Spring 2008). Don't Feed the Animals: Queso's Law and How the Texas Legislature Abandoned Stray Animals, A Comment on H.B.2328 and the New Tex. Penal Code § 42.092, Jeremy Masten, 60 Baylor L. Rev. 964 (Fall 2008).. A Public Policy Toward the Management of Feral Cats.

Controversy about feeding stray/feral cats at apartment complex. I recently faced some very difficult and distressing realities in trying to help some homeless, cold, & hungry cats fighting for survival in my community. It was the tail end of Winter before I even realized their presence in the area. They had fought the long and brutal Winter. BUT FEEDING STRAY CATS HURTS THEM. Absolutely. I've seen dozens of horrific cases of diseased and malnourished packs of stray cats as a result of people leaving out food for them. This is because feeding causes a bunch of cats to get together, and dependent on human feeding, and they breed like crazy, and then you've got a lot of cats in one. ) had a similar problem. She talked to the manager of the complex, and they gave her a few weeks to get the ferals "moved." That apartment complex was near some woods. She moved the food each day towards the woods. Now the ferals are not being fed at the apartment complex, but a clearing in the woods that she accesses from the other side of the.

My neighbor would feed stray cats and I told her not to feed the cats and told the apartment complex this is been going on for four months I have taken pictures of the bowls on her patio make a long story short she filed an order protection against me it was dissolved I have an order protection against her and the adjacent neighbor wound up being scared of her and her aggressiveness so he. Can I be evicted for feeding stray cats on or next door to the property where I have rented for 11 years? I've lived in my unit for 11 years.3 years ago a new owner/managemnt co. came in&refurbished the entire building (NOT older tenants' units) – many months of construction, turned-off water with/without notice. Apartment Complex May Evict Us If We Continue Trapping, Neutering, and Spaying Stray Cats. 1K supporters. Petition update Nothing will stop us from feeding stray cats now.. read!!! Georgette Kostopoulos. Phoenix, AZ, United States. Sep 12, 2015 — In Maricopa County, it is not against the law to feed free-roaming cats.

Colony caregivers should be careful when helping cats at an apartment complex. Management may be resistant or hostile towards the cats and may try to reprimand caretakers through fines or eviction. A common concern heard by housing managers is that feeding the feral cats will attract other wildlife species to the complex. Patel adds that even the sterilisation of all the dogs in an area, cannot completely solve stray dog menace. “We can reduce the density or birth rate but it can only be sustained, with regular interventions and efforts by residents,” Patel elaborates. A majority of dog bites, are caused by the pet dog population in a complex, he points out. SHANGHAI — For Zhang, feeding the stray cats outside her apartment block has become a high-stakes stealth activity. Usually, she waits until after dark before sneaking out to lay down some kibble. If she has to go during the day, she first puts on a hat, face mask, and sunglasses to conceal her identity.

Dear Cathy: My wife and I got a lease violation notice because we are feeding stray cats in our apartment complex.Can you help us? Because if the lease agreement says that you cannot feed stray. The individual who’s feeding the cats by bringing them into the neighborhood might be responsible for the medical bills that stem from the rabies infection. He might be responsible for the compensation of permanent injury. Cats also carry a disease called toxoplasmosis from a parasite. If the cats are feral, they don’t have a litter box. I live in north Dallas, on the edge of Plano, and there have been some stray cats around my apartment complex. My neighbor is a very nice, elderly woman who has been feeding the cats. Unfortunately, an old guy who lives in one of the apartments nearby started complaining about her feeding them, something about how the food is attracting his dog.

Yes, it's a big deal. I've been dealing with well meaning neighbors feeding stray cats in our apartment building. It started off with the food being left outside on the grass. Then this winter they began feeding them in the hallways. Now we have several cats living in our hallway. It smells like cat pee. My biggest issue is that I have a dog. I have been feeding a stray cat and for two months. Now, today, I got my third warning regarding this issue. Next I will get a notice that if I do not clear up the matter within ten days I will be evicted. There is nothing in the lease that states I cannot feed a stray. Any suggestions. One day, over two decades ago, when a clowder of stray cats was roaming around on the premises of his apartment complex looking for food, S.R. Prakash fed them.

We need help to further explain to them about TNR -trap, neuter, release stray cats and what we are doing is helping the community and overpopulation of cats. Here is the apartment complex's information. Remington Place Apartments 17435 N 7th St Phoenix, Arizona 85022 Tanya Petttay: Property manager

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