Getting A Puppy With An Older Dog

Getting your old dog used to a new puppy can be a daunting task. Often, established pets are reluctant to accept new pets into the household and may even become aggressive. Here are some of the issues you'll face when introducing a new puppy, and tips on how you can smooth the process of acclimation when bringing a new dog into your household. The puppy will observe the older dog very carefully to learn new things like using stairs. Similarly, the task of housetraining becomes extremely easy with an older dog. This is because the puppy follows the older dog everywhere. Other than that, an older dog can also come helpful in teaching your puppy the ways to play.

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Getting a dog will change your life! To help you choose the best dog for your family, here are some pros and cons of adopting an older dog vs. a puppy. PROS of adopting an older dog… You’ll skip the crazy puppy phase. Puppies are A LOT OF WORK. It’s like welcoming a toddler into your house — except this toddler may chew up your shoes.

Getting a puppy with an older dog. If your dog is biting the puppy, causing injury, or acting inappropriately aggressive toward the puppy, you should seek professional help from a positive reinforcement behavior professional. Sometimes, it's difficult to know whether or not the older dog is behaving appropriately with the puppy. Should I Get A Puppy Or A Dog? 6 Major Differences Between The Two. Quick Recommendation: If you’re planning on getting a new puppy or dog we recommend getting a good book on training like Puppies for Dummies which we read several times before bringing home our first puppy, Linus. If you’re trying to choose between a dog and a puppy then. Don't panic if you have another dog at home and it isn't getting along with the new puppy just yet. This process can take time and 30 days may not be enough for your older dog to adapt to a young, energetic puppy. If your dog seems to be having a hard time with the youngster, try rewarding your dog with a treat every time the puppy is near.

On the other hand, older dogs are a bit more independent. Plus, by adopting an older dog you’ll skip the puppy developmental stages that can be quite difficult at times, like potty training. However, an older dog is already kind of set in its ways which could be quite tricky so you should have that in mind as well. By Gina Spadafori, Marty Becker . The advantages of getting a puppy are obvious: Puppies are adorable, sweet, and cuddly, plus you get to train them from the get-go. On the other hand, choosing an adult dog often brings you an already trained pet that doesn’t need expensive puppy shots and who is likely to be grateful for a second (or third!) chance with a caring human. Getting a Dog (Puppy, Adult or Older dog) by Cindy Moore. Last Updated on September 18, 2020. Congratulations on deciding to get a new dog! There’s a lot to learn. (By: freestocks) This article is intended to provide anyone contemplating a new dog, whether a puppy or an adult, with useful information.

Hence, besides giving you the benefits of getting a puppy with an older dog, I would also like to give some little tips how to introduce your new young member to your existing dog. Before you take your puppy home, let’s get your home prepared. Clean all favorite toys and chews that belong to your older dog. For instance, terriers are known to hunt, retrievers for getting things and bringing them back. Both dogs have their own position in the pack, do not allow either to overstep their boundaries. Do not let your puppy to continually harass your older dog. The older dog should defend himself but not over rule the puppy or vice versa. The first meetings between a puppy and an adult dog should take place on neutral ground, such as a neighbor’s yard, training center, or tennis court. That way, your older pooch doesn’t feel fearful, threatened, or protective of your house or yard. Instead, it can get down to the business of making friends with the puppy.

One of the main reasons for a dog not getting along with another is due to jealousy.They may feel like they are not getting enough attention. When the new dog being introduced to a family is a puppy, it is common for human guardians to be excited by the cuteness and novelty. If the puppy is demanding attention that the older dog doesn't want to, or is not able to, provide, step in between your older dog and your puppy. Direct your older dog to his quiet place and distract your puppy by taking him to another part of the house and providing him with a toy. Depending on where you look for your older puppy, following are some questions to ask and points to consider before taking your little guy or gal home. Breeder: A breeder often keeps a puppy for showing purposes. If the puppy doesn’t grow into “show dog” potential, he’ll be made available for sale.

So you’re thinking about getting a new puppy with an older dog in the house and wondering how your old dog will feel about it. Dog training guru Cesar Millan provides great insight into why your old dog may initially be less-than-accepting of a puppy. Understanding this will help you create harmony between them much […] Maintain your older dog's schedule as much as possible. Although a new puppy demands a lot of care, do your best to continue walks, play time and meal time with your older dog in the way that he's used to. The new puppy should be taught to adapt to the existing household schedule and not vice-versa. And in many cases, the older dog will become more active. An active older dog tends to have less effects from arthritis and other ageing problems, increasing quality of life and possibly, longevity. The puppy will also be housebroken more quickly in many cases. But beware – I’ve also seen the older dog teach the puppy a few dirty tricks as.

Helping an older dog accept a puppy has a lot to do with getting into the mind of the established dog, and understanding how he sees the world. This enables you to minimize the disruption to his life so that he feels less threatened and can open his heart to the youngster. This involves making sure each dog has his own resources (food, water. A good place for your puppy and dog to meet is a friend or neighbor's yard. If it's new to your older dog, he'll be less likely to be territorial with the puppy. If possible, get someone to help you. Be calm and upbeat; the dogs may pick up on anxiety. Let the puppy and dog briefly sniff each other before letting them walk around the yard. Having an older dog around may make training and housebreaking your younger puppy easier, since the older dog may serve as a role model. Feeding two dogs, on the other hand, may be challenging.

Puppy and Older Dog Not Getting Along. How to deal with a new puppy and an older dog not getting along will depend on what your dogs are doing, and why. Puppy Biting Older Dog. Biting and chewing on each other’s face is part and parcel of puppy play and getting to know other dogs. Should I Get A Puppy Or An Older Dog? Puppies are often the most popular choice for new dog owners because they tend to fall in love with their new family almost instantly (not to mention they are incredibly cute). However, you should not overlook the joy of adopting an older dog. Looking after an adult dog is equally rewarding and by adopting. The older dog, may immediately want to play with the puppy, so if there is a size difference, monitor the situation in case the puppy becomes frightened. Equally, the existing dog, may want to back off from the puppy, he may even growl initially, so if this happens create more distance from the two dogs until they are happier with each others.

The older dog, Higgins, seems to accept the puppy, Tessa, most of the time, except for when she wants to play with him. He does not like for her to run at him or jump on him. Higgins has arthritis and is very, very calm until she begins her playfulness. He will bark at her (and sometime snap at her) to warn her to back off and let her know that.

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