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A single guinea pig should be eating between 1/8 – 1/4 cup of pellet food per day, so in one month, you will need about 8 cups of pellet food. Let's assume you're going to purchase a 5-pound bag of Oxbow pellets. Expect a recurring monthly cost of $20-30. How Much Does Guinea Pig Food Cost? Make sure you feed your cavy a diet made for guinea pigs with the levels of vitamin C that they require. A good complete diet such as Vitasmart costs about $10 per bag. You can supplement this diet with timothy hay and fresh produce. Other Guinea Pig Expenses!

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I have three guinea pigs (I have owned two for three years, and I just got another today), but this is just to give you an idea, right? Since I have only had my third guinea pig today, this is my usual two guinea pig costs. Hay: Well, I buy a 48 oz. (three pound) bag. This lasts them about a month or two. I think it costs about ten bucks.

Guinea pig cost per month. Guinea pig adoption fees only cost anywhere between $10 and $15, but it is possible for prospective pet owners to pay up to $125 for full custody in some specialized rescue groups. One must understand that choosing animal shelters over pet shops is more than a matter of guinea pig price alone. The guinea pig was first domesticated as early as 5000 BC for food by tribes in the Andean region of South America (the present-day southern part of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia), some thousands of years after the domestication of the South American camelids. Statues dating from circa 500 BC to 500 AD that depict guinea pigs have been unearthed in archaeological digs in Peru and Ecuador. #4 – Guinea pigs ($500-$800) Guinea pigs can be much more expensive than you might have guessed. Although they’re small, their food isn’t especially cheap, and much like rabbits, their bedding can cost between $30 and $40 per month. And also like rabbits, guinea pigs require fresh vegetables as part of a balanced diet.

Starting costs. Of course, you will first need to take into consideration the cost of the guinea pig itself, and usually, that should be between $10 and $40, depending on where you buy it from. It’s even better for the animal and yourself if you get it from a rescue center or a humane society. Hay: $14 per month (I buy in bulk from Sweet Meadow Farms and this price includes shipping) Pellets: $7 per month (again from Sweet Meadow or Cavy Cuisine, 10# bags for around $20, lasts 3 months for 2 pigs) Fresh Produce: $20 per month (each week I buy 2 different lettuces, 2 bunches cilantro, 1 bell pepper and a cucumber for the pigs). How Much Does A Guinea Pig Cost? A guinea pig typically costs between $20 and $50 for a healthy juvenile/adult. However, prices can range from $10 to $100+ depending on the breeder and type of guinea pig. There are other costs of guinea pig ownership that need to be considered, too.

Dry guinea pig food will cost around $4 a week, with additional fresh food required (although a lot of this can be kitchen waste such as carrot tops). The general running costs for two or three guinea pigs will therefore come to less than $10 a week, and far less in the summer when the guinea pigs won’t need as much bedding to keep warm. Guinea pig costs depend primarily on how many guinea pigs you own. Two guinea pigs will require a hutch, a run, food, a water bottle, a food bowl, clean bedding and grooming equipment. Once you’ve purchased these initial items, you can expect to spend around three or four pounds on fresh bedding per week, and three or four pounds on food. Where I live, guinea pigs cost $35 at my local petsmart. Then cages can cost a lot and I find that they normally start around $40. Sometimes you can get a sale where it comes with a month of food, water bottle, bedding, cage, and a toy for around $80-$100.

The cost of guinea pig food depends on exactly what you feed them – i.e. some dry mixes cost more than others, and veg prices vary wildly too. As a ballpark figure, two guinea pigs will cost you around four dollars a week – or somewhere between $2.50 and $5 – for dry food, and between one and two dollars more for fresh vegetables. Before buying, any guinea pig fan should know how much it costs to keep guinea pigs. These prices are rough estimates and may vary. But they’ll give you a good impression of what you’re getting yourself into. Guinea pigs can cost between $ 10-35. Monthly and yearly costs for keeping them aren’t too much. What Do You Need for Guinea Pigs? Food Trim its coat once a month and then brush to remove loose hairs. Activity. It loves to play and explore; allow it to run and romp outside its cage or around the house under supervision for about an hour on a regular basis. Cost. You can get a Coronet guinea pig from any reputable breeder or a rescue in your area at a price of about $20 to $35.

Though the increased cost per pound may not seem like much, it’s a lot when you factor in labor for an extra 6 months of pig raising through the winter. Hauling 5 gallons of fresh water per pig each day, plus 20 pounds of feed per day really takes a toll on the body as you’re trudging through knee and hip deep snow. I go through about a bag of shavings a month at 5.99. I also use about a bag (50pound) of food a month and that cost is 9.59 a month. veggies , I don't add that up because they don't have their own, but I bet if I added it up I would be amazed at the cost. these piggies can really eat the veggies. I just grab some when I'm in the frige and give them to the piggies. Guinea pig food costs around $5 for a 5-pound bag, or about $5-$10 per month depending on the size and appetite of the guinea pig. Harnesses used to take guinea pigs for a walk or to play in the yard run $5-$7. Exercise balls are priced $14-$17. Common Veterinary costs include spay or neutering for around $45. The Humane Society offers care and.

Guinea pig pellets cost between £1.50 and £15 depending on what size you’re after. For example, Jollyes do a bag of 1.50 kg of pellets for £2.99 and one of 10kg that costs £13. For example, Jollyes do a bag of 1.50 kg of pellets for £2.99 and one of 10kg that costs £13. Also Read: Cute Hamster Cost. Guinea Pig Prices On Major Online Pet Stores. If you want to know where to buy Guinea pigs, one of the latest method is online, either at pet stores or at rescue websites. Guinea pig cost at PetCo is $40, as of Feb 2017. Cost of a Hairy Male/Female Guinea pig at PetSmart is $35 as of Feb 2017. To start with, you’ll have to consider the cost of guinea pigs themselves. Guinea Pig: $10-$40 per pig. Remember, Guinea Pigs are natural herd animals and it is cruel to keep them isolated. For this reason, we recommend purchasing two or more Guinea Pigs. Regular Expenses. Guinea Pig Food: A 40-ounce bag is on average $10-$20.

Outside of the cost of the Guinea pig itself, there will be an initial outlay such as a new home for your Piggy, plus the ongoing recurring costs such as food and fresh bedding. Expensive one-off costs such as vets bills should also be factored in prior to embarking on your Guinea pig Journey to avoid any nasty supri ses. Guinea pig food costs about $10 to $15 for a 5-pound bag which will last about a month. You also need to consider the cost of hay, however, which is the staple of your guinea pig’s diet. Food, hay, and fresh vegetables will cost you between $50 and $75 a month. How much does a guinea pig cage cost? Your guinea pig requires a significant. GUINEA PIG CAGE. Store-bought cages can range anywhere from $25 to $300. An inexpensive 7.5-sq. ft cage can be purchased here f0r anywhere from $50-$200. We will use $80 as an average starter cage price.

How Much Does a Guinea Pig Cost per Month? Page 2 of 2. The following costs provide an overview of what you can expect to pay per month or year (estimates!). Monthly Costs • Food: approx. $ 10-20 a month (for two animals) The bigger the package, the cheaper the food: it’s worth buying in bulk to keep costs down..

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