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A 10-pound bag of Hartz Small Animal Diet Guinea Pig Food is a great value that provides the nutrients your guinea pig needs. Fortified with vitamin C and high in fiber, this pellet food is made with dehydrated alfalfa and contains antioxidants and omega-6 fatty acids for a healthy heart and coat. I’ve experimented with several different ways of making guinea pig hay sacks, but the pictured version is half lined and my favorite. The front panel is lined so the openings have nice, finished edges, but it’s a little easier than creating a fully-lined bag (which is, by the way, a huge pain). The bag, as shown, is sized for a single.

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Read ratings and reviews so you can find the right Guinea Pig Hay for your pet.. Guinea Pig & Rabbit Food, 1.5-lb bag $13.49 Autoship & Save. $14.20 20. FREE 1-3 day shipping over $49 USD. Rabbit Hole Hay Alfalfa Hay Chinchilla, Guinea Pig & Rabbit Food, 1.5-lb bag. 138637.

Guinea pig hay bag. Our Hay Feeder Bag is a fun new way to feed your guinea pig! Your piggy will enjoy nibbling hay through the windows which are reinforced with our exclusive grommets. These stylish grommets measure 1.25″x 3″ and are safe for your guinea pig to graze through. How to Make a Fabric Guinea Pig (or Bunny!) Hay Sack/Bag Tutorial – The Artisan Life. Learn how to make this DIY guinea pig hay sack that's the perfect way to provide fresh hay to your adorable piggies! Easy sewing tutorial with pattern. Read ratings and reviews so you can find the right Guinea Pig Hay for your pet.. Sweet Meadow Farm 1st Cut Timothy Hay Small Pet Food, 40-oz bag $8.54 Autoship & Save. $8.99 11. FREE 1-3 day shipping over $49 USD. Sweet Meadow Farm 1st Cut Timothy Hay Small Pet Food, 40-oz bag. 227804. Sweet Meadow Farm. 978. 8.99. 28. 40-oz bag.

Heavenly Hay Bag. Soft, fabric hay bags/sacks for your guinea pigs! Easy-access openings for your piggies. You Get. 1 Cotton-fabric Heavenly Hay Bag with Metal Grommets; 2 Metal Lanyard Hooks. Dimensions. Approx. 13" wide x 9" tall. The triangle openings are just shy of 3" from top to bottom, and just shy of 3" from side to side. Keep Fleece Neat Senior Guinea Pig. Joined Feb 9, 2016 Messages 7,099 Reaction score 4,285 Points 1,375 Location Binfield, berkshire. Nov 9, 2016 #13. I'm considering a hay bag too but concerned they will try crawl inside and get stuck or suffocate. I know one will try cos she's naughty as. Of course I will buy mine cos accidents occur when I try to sew. 3. ASOCEA Hay Bag Guinea Pig Hanging Feeder. ASOCEA is the one and only for those who are looking for non-metal and non-plastic guinea pig hay bag. It is made out of high quality nylon with great stitching, making it usable for a really long time. The bag has 4 windows, allowing guinea pig to eat easily.

Rabbit / Guinea Pig oaten hay bags. $5. Bywong, NSW. Bags of oaten hay for Rabbit / Guinea Pig oaten feed and/or bedding. Fresh and good quality. $5 per kig. More. Date Listed: 13/06/2020; Last Edited: 13/06/2020; Condition: Used; Similar Ads. Guinea pig /Rabbit travel cage $ 30. $30. Waramanga. Various small animal items $ 30. $30. Turner. This hypoallergenic guinea pig hay smells great and is grown in the USA. It’s Orchard Grass Hay which means it’s high in fiber and low in protein. So not only does it do a great job at assisting your guinea pig’s digestion and dental care, but it also is a good choice for people that have allergies from being around Timothy Hay. Hay racks must be designed to allow ample access to hay — the most important part of a guinea pig's diet. Our hay racks are designed to safe for 99+% of the cavies and situations out there. However, accidents can happen. If you want complete safety and still want your guinea pigs to be able to access hay, please just put the hay on the ground.

Guinea Pig Hay Bag- Circle Opening | Hay Sack for guinea pigs, rabbits and chinchillas RockAndScott. From shop RockAndScott. 5 out of 5 stars (72) 72 reviews $ 21.98. Favorite Add to More colors Small Size Hay Bag for Guinea Pig Cage ***FREE SHIPPING in Continental USA*** RodeysRoom. From shop RodeysRoom. The major downside with this guinea pig hay rack, or bag, in this case, is that the hay can slip out. There is not really a grid holding the hay back from falling out and making a mess. This might not be a concern for you. In any case, it’s just hay. Click Here to View on Amazon. In addition, the bag has a lid so that the hay does not get lost and its cage does not get dirty. Also a great tool for toilet training your guinea pig or bunny. Just hang your hay bag above a litter tray. Completely washable. All hay bags measure approx. 26cm wide x 28 height. With four 4.5 x 7cm approx. square openings for hay to be eaten from.

Senior Guinea Pig. Joined May 8, 2010 Messages 5,096 Reaction score 3,375 Points. Just thought i'd add a little something as i've actually developed this idea a little further as this hay bag had quite big holes and i ended up with a piggy hay poke in the eye and i was worried about them doing it again as they can actually stick their heads. Supplies to Make a Guinea Pig Hay Bag. Fleece fabric: 2 cuts that are 12×12″ Grommets with rings or just use some fleece strips for ties; My FAVORITE Timonthy Hay for the Guinea Pigs; The Best Guinea Pig Hay. This is slightly off topic, but I wanted to mention the BEST guinea pig hay that I’ve found. Alternatively, if your guinea pig only eats hay, you can take a patch of hay and mix it with some veggies or fruit and then try to offer the same to your guinea pig. You need to be a little creative if your guinea pig is a picky one.

Oaten hay $5:00 per bag Lucerne $5:00 per bag Grassy hay $5:00 per bag Rabbit pellets $5:00 per bag Guinea pig mix $5:00 per bag – 2kg. Rabbit pellets 2kg -$5:00 per bag Shavings $5:00 per bag Pick up toukley GUINEA PIG HAY BAG. Description. Hay bag for guinea pig and small animals. Perfect to keep your liner clean and tidy. You can choose small or large size for more than one pet. Size approx: Small 30cm x 30cm. Large 45cm x 30cm. IF YOU NEED A CUSTOM SIZE THAT IS NOT LISTED HERE PLEASE REQUESTED A CUSTOM ORDER MADE TO YOUR EXACT SIZE. HANGYAN Guinea Pig Hay Bag, Rabbit Hay Feeder, Hay Bag Hanging Feeder Sack Nylon Hanging Hay Pouch Holder Rack Manger Dispenser Feeding Sack for Rabbit Bunny Chinchilla Hamster Black £10.99 £ 10 . 99

If you have a young guinea pig, you can expect them to go through 5-6 pounds(2-3 kg) every month. There are a few factors, including the quality of hay, the health of guinea pigs, and their overall diet, which can impact the consumption of hay. A guinea pig’s diet should consist of 80% hay in it. Use our Guinea Pigs & Small Animals – Hay bag by simply hanging in desired area and keep it topped up with hay. The guinea pigs love pulling out their fresh hay and eating it straight from the bag! Comes with two hooks (as pictured) for easy hanging. Clearance Heavenly Hay Bags. We're clearing out our inventory. Act fast and save! Piggy Approved. Our soft, colorful hay bags/sacks make it easy for your guinea pigs to grab and munch hay. You Get. 1 Heavenly Hay Bag in Cotton-fabric with Metal Grommets; 2 Metal Lanyard Hooks. Dimensions. Approx. 13" wide x 9" tall.

Guinea pigs need hay available at all times. Hay bags are reusable. They also ad a little style to the cage. The hay bag comes with clips, so they just clip on and off for easy refill. Bag measures approximately 8.5 wide x 11 tall. Bag is machine washable. Air drying is recommended. Some colors

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