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SONGMICS Guinea Pig Run Cage, Large Indoor Pet Playpen and Enclosure with Oxford Mat and 2 Doors, Metal Grid Crate for Rabbit, and Small Animals, 123 x 63 x 61 cm, Black LPI05H 4.2 out of 5 stars 116 £36.99 £ 36 . 99 (£36.99/count) £39.99 £39.99 The Standard and Large versions are suitable for a single guinea pig, but the X-Large version measures 46 8/9 x 22 4/5 x 24 inches, and it should provide plenty of room for a pair of cavies. The habitat also features an elevated balcony, with an open space below, which your guinea pig can use as a hiding place.

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The Large C&C Cage with a Cagetopia Wide Loft is a great cage that gives your guinea pigs a lot of living space in the 5 feet of length it takes.. A get-away area for some guinea pig pairs or groups who may not get along all the time.. I wish I would have know about C&C cages before I even got my guinea pigs. Emily C. Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Large guinea pig cages. Guinea pig cages are available in a range of sizes and styles, to fit in with every guinea pig owner’s wishes and to meet any need. Whether you're looking for a cosy home for a single guinea pig or you need to find a large guinea pig cage or two-storey pad with space to run for more than one pet, here at zooplus you will find the perfect. Shop the Gold Standard of Guinea Pig Cages: Cagetopia's 16 colors, easy-to-clean, expandable, simple to multi-level, open or covered, small to jumbo, stands, quality grids, fast shipping, ready-to-assemble, guinea pig-approved, expert guidance available. Best Large Guinea Pig Cage: “Guinea Habitat” Guinea Pig Cage & Accessories by MidWest. Best Large.. However, they may enjoy spending some time outdoors. Some guinea pig cages are designed for outdoor use, while others are recommended for indoor and outdoor use, so you’ll be able to move the cage to where you need it.

Finding the best indoor cage for your guinea pigs is essential as a good cage will contribute to their wellbeing and happiness. It's important you buy a cage that is well suited to their specific guinea pig needs. In this article we recommend the best guinea pig cages, available to buy in the UK and discuss the Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat Cage in detail. Watch our Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat. The Midwest guinea pig habitat plus is hands-down, the best option for most guinea pig owners out there. There is a lot to love about this c&c cage and here’s our main reasons for loving it : Large : The guinea habitat plus is approx. 10 square feet in total, with the main area being 8 square feet and the ramped, care area being 2 square feet. Just like you, your guinea pigs also deserve a life of luxury! The roundup of these 20 exciting and easy to build, 20 DIY guinea pig cage ideas are the best thing you can read today! As a pet lover, there’s nothing as meaningful and concerning as giving the best habitat to your pets. Indoor pets are quite a handful. You have to take care of their every need.

The Best Extra Large Guinea Pig Cage. It took me a while to come across the company Lovupet. I initially heard about these guys and their cages from a few different guinea pig forums. After reading a few reviews, I went ahead and bought their extra large guinea pig cage and have never looked back! CHECK IT OUT. Price SONGMICS Guinea Pig Run Cage, Large Indoor Pet Playpen and Enclosure with Oxford Mat and 2 Doors, Metal Grid Crate for Rabbit, and Small Animals, 123 x 63 x 61 cm, Black LPI05H 4.2 out of 5 stars 118 £36.99 £ 36 . 99 (£36.99/count) £39.99 £39.99 For actual guinea pig cages, safety requirements are both met and closely monitored for the products to even be legal. Unfortunately, the super-popular C&C cages operate in a grey area because they’re usually supposed to be a storage shelf rather than a guinea pig habitat.

SONGMICS Guinea Pig Run Cage, Large Indoor Playpen and Enclosure with Oxford Mat and 2 Doors, Metal Grid Crate for Hamster, Rabbit, and Small Animals, 48.4 x 24.8 x 24 Inches, Black ULPI05H 4.2 out of 5 stars 265 A good guinea pig cage system should include a water bottle, a hay holder, a food bowl for pellets, a separate sleeping dome, a salt wheel and a large exercise wheel. A few ladders and platforms may be useful, but guinea pigs are not great climbers and prefer to say on the ground floor. The Best Large Guinea Pigs Cages Your Buyer’s Guide (2020) Just like any other house pet, you don’t want your guinea pig to be roaming around the house at night. Especially for an animal this size, it’s easy for the little guy to get lost roaming around on the floor.

Many cages come with one built in! And your fur-iend will want to have things to play with, so make certain that guinea pig toys are available for gnawing and exploring. Are multi-level cages good for guinea pigs? Multi-level cages are okay for guinea pigs, but unlike other small animals, they prefer flat cages. If you have guinea pig babies they might be able to escape or get stuck in those, but you can easily prevent this by placing a sheet of coroplast around the sides to shield off the little ones from the grids. Related: Best Guinea Pig Cages for 2 Pigs. MidWest Guinea Habitat – Large Modular Cage Large, X-Large Guinea Pig Habitat Reviews Kaytee Large Guinea Pig Habitat with Stand. This is a large cage for the Guinea pig. It has a good enough space for the guinea pigs to play around. It can be also used to store other kinds of small animals. Features-The Dimensions of 30.25’’*18’’*20.25’’. Round corners for hassle-free.

Guinea pigs are one of the most loved and kept pets after mainstream pets like dogs and cats. If you are also wondering about getting one for yourself or you already have one and wants to offer large guinea pig cages to them so that they can have more space and live happily, then you are at the right place. 2. PetHelpful’s C&C Guinea Pig Cage. The Cubes and Coroplast, commonly known as the C&C cages are the most popular DIY guinea pig cages. Most importantly, you can build a sizeable C&C cage providing ample space for your guinea pigs to roam around at a very low price. SONGMICS Guinea Pig Run Cage, Large Indoor Playpen and Enclosure with Oxford Mat and 2 Doors, Metal Grid Crate for Hamster, Rabbit, and Small Animals, 48.4 x 24.8 x 24 Inches, Black ULPI05H 4.2 out of 5 stars 270

Top 10 Best Guinea Pig Cages. In this section, we’re going to take a look at 10 of the best guinea pig cages on Amazon. I recommend choosing large indoor guinea pig cages whenever possible, but I tried to make sure I covered most people’s needs, so there’s an option for every category. #1 Best Guinea Pig Cage Overall: Midwest Guinea. Guinea Pig Cages on Sale Give your small animal a space that's safe, comfortable, and entirely his own. Whether you need one of our large indoor rabbit cages, a hamster habitat or a new guinea pig cage, they're all on sale for a limited time. Shop our collection for the size that's right for your pet – and the style that's right for your home. Purchasing a guinea pig cage from the pet store can be expensive, especially when you start going up in size. Unfortunately, many of the guinea pig cages sold in stores aren’t even large enough to comfortably accommodate one guinea pig, let alone two.

The minimum recommended size for a guinea pig is 7.5 square feet. At 8.6 square feet, this cage exceeds the recommended size by more than a foot. This means you can feel good about the fact that your guinea pig will have plenty of room to frolic, eat, and sleep. The jumbo habitat is constructed with an iron wire upper frame and a plastic base.

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