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Delta takes the time and care to ensure a safe and comfortable travel experience for every animal. For a pet’s safety and its owner’s peace of mind, Delta has implemented specific pet guidelines, requirements and restrictions on animal travel. Delta Airlines Pet Policy 2020. Pet Travel Information Pets can fly. But whether your pet gets carried on, checked in or shipped as (very special) cargo, there are a lot of requirements and restrictions in place to make sure she's comfortable and safe. Get the guidelines for happy, healthy jet-set pets.

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Delta Airlines Policy on Emotional Support Animals UPDATED May 1, 2019, to reflect Delta’s new ESA/service dog pet policy If you are planning to travel on Delta Airlines with an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) there are some requirements you will need to meet and rules your ESA will have to follow.

Pet policy delta. Delta Airlines Pet Travel Policy. Delta allows pets in the cabin and defines “pets” to include dogs, cats, and household birds. The Delta website states the following about pet travel crates for in cabin travel: Your pet must be small enough to fit comfortably in a kennel under the seat directly in front of you. Maximum carry-on kennel. You must contact Delta Reservations to determine the appropriate kennel size. Your pet must remain inside the kennel (with door secured) while in a Delta boarding area (during boarding and deplaning), a Delta airport lounge and while onboard the aircraft. Your pet must be at least 10 weeks old for Domestic travel. Delta Pet Cargo Policy: As per the delta pet cargo policy, No pets will be accepted to travel as checked baggage but there is an exception for the US Military on active transfer orders. Pets having a larger size to travel as checked baggage will have to be booked as cargo for shipping with the aircraft excluding the B-767-300, A-330-200, 300ER.

We accept international pet bookings a minimum of three days in advance and no more than 14 days prior to departure. For shipments originating outside the U.S., contact your local Delta Cargo Sales office. Delta Cargo does not permit warm-blooded animal shipments on flights with a duration of 12 hours or more. The Delta Airlines pet policy is as follows: April 2020: Due to changing flight schedules in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Delta Cargo will temporarily embargo all PET shipments effective April 1, 2020, until further notice. The embargo applies to all live animals transported in cargo under the PET product code throughout the domestic and. Pet Policy: Each individual location determines its pet policy. Those Delta Hotels that allow pets typically charge a pet fee starting at $20 per day, along with a pet cleaning fee ranging from $75 – $150. Number of pets allowed, types of pets, and pet weight limit varies by individual location.

Delta Air Lines Pet Policy. The rules for pet transportation vary depending on your country and destination. On some air-crafts and certain destinations, pets my be restricted or limited. When booking your flights, indicate whether or not you plan to travel with your pet to find out whether pets are allowed and if they can travel in the cabin. Traveling with your pet is not easy. And it's hard to come by accurate information regarding airline policies and fees for your chosen airlines. If there is something you can't find in this article about the Delta Pet Policy, feel free to post a comment. Pioneering Pet Travel Solutions. At Delta, our priority is the safety of customers and pets in our care. To ensure a high-quality, consistent service, Delta Cargo has partnered with CarePod Open in New Window opens in new window to offer a new standard of first-class dog and cat air travel.. Embargo Effective April 1, 2020

At Delta, we know pets are important members of the family. Our pet travel options were updated in 2016 to ensure a high-quality, consistent service when owners choose to ship their pets with Delta Cargo. Delta passengers have two options when flying a pet. Allowable pets can travel onboard with their humans in all cabins of service (except. Alaska airlines pet cargo policy. The Alaska airlines pet cargo policy states that if your pet is not fitting under the seat, your pet is not a dog or cat, or the flight is long-hauled then, you must book a cargo space for your pet’s travel as the pet is not meeting the standards and requirements as per the pet in-cabin travel policy. With the help of the above-given Delta Pet Policy, you can simply travel with your pet to your preferred destination as per the proper rules and restrictions. In case you have still any kind of query regarding the pet policy, then contact the customer service team of Delta airlines for reliable assistance. Customer Review.

Let’s take a look at the guidelines for Delta Airlines. Delta offers multiple options for traveling with your pet. Depending on its size, your animal can fly in the cabin with you or as cargo with the Delta Cargo program. However, every year Delta prohibits animals from flying as cargo during the summer from May 15 to September 15. Delta airlines. Delta permits passengers to bring small pets in the cabin on most flights for a fee of $125 each way (to be collected at check-in). Delta’s Pet Policy applies to flights within the United States (apart from Hawaii), Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Pets permitted in the cabin include dogs, cats, and household birds. Delta is committed to accommodating passengers with animals, but you should review their pet policy to ensure your pet is a good candidate for air travel. To make sure you can successfully fly with a pet in the cabin, here is the information you need to know.

When traveling to or from the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland, Delta will not accept any live animals as checked or carry-on baggage. However, Delta will accept pets (dogs, cats & ferrets) as cargo to the U.K. under the U.K. Pet Travel Scheme, opens in a new window.. For pets traveling to or from other countries in the European Union, a Veterinary Certificate, opens in a new window for. Delta Society. SAMPLE PET POLICY. The following is the pet policy of _____ which was developed in cooperation with tenants of_____ and in keeping with federal law. The purpose of this policy is to provide standards to insure the best possible environment for both pet owners and non pet owners and to insure the responsible care of pets. Delta is ushering in a new best-in-class travel experience for pets and their owners with the exclusive launch of CarePod. The introduction of this state-of-the-art pet travel carrier, which provides many industry-leading features including real-time updates throughout the journey, heralds a new standard of first-class safety and care for pet air travel.

Delta Air Lines 800-221-1212 In Cabin/Carry-On Pet Fee: $125 one-way Maximum Weight Allowed: No weight restriction. Carrier Guidelines: For pets traveling in cabin/carry-on, they must be small enough to fit comfortably in a small, ventilated pet carrier that fits under the seat in front of you. The soft- or hard-side kennel must be leak-proof and ventilated on at least 2 Pets in the hold. Your cat or dog may travel in a ventilated part of the hold on most KLM flights. * Make sure to meet these requirements: Your pet must be at least 10 weeks old. Your pet must travel in a kennel that complies with the IATA rules (for example those of the “Sky” and “Vari” brands). Delta Airlines is a major American airline based out of Atlanta. They welcome pets to travel in the cabin and as cargo. Visit Website. Or call 800 221-1212 or 800 352-2746 for more information. You can use BringFido to find a pet friendly place to stay at your destination.

If your pet does not meet the requirements for travel in the cabin or as checked baggage, or you would like your pet to travel unaccompanied contact Delta Air Lines Pet First at 1-888-SEND-PET (888-736-3738) for more information. Helpful Guidelines: All animal shipments are required to be pre-booked prior to arrival at the origin facility.

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