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Montana • Gophers, Prairie Dogs and Varmint hunting is fast becoming the off season "thing to do" while passing the time waiting for the fall big game season to return. By itself or in preparation for an upcoming fall elk or spring turkey, varmint hunts allow the prospective hunter the ability to enjoy wildlife viewing, fantastic private land western wildlife habitat, and shooting. South Dakota Prairie Dog hunting is a challenging and fun filled experience. Challenge yourself to 400+ yard shots

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Prairie dog hunting is allowed at Cimarron National Grassland. Due to a major outbreak of plague there early in 2010, game officials do not recommend hunting prairie dogs until the plague has passed and the population increases. Officials at the facility estimate normal hunting to return in 2011.

Prairie dog hunting. The larger calibers are for extended-range shooting—and on a big-time prairie dog town, shots can range from in-your-face to 500 yards or more. While the .22-250 is my favorite all-time prairie dog cartridge, .223 ammo is cheap, and modern sporting rifles (MSRs) of all makes and models come chambered for the cartridge. Kansas Prairie Dog Hunts. The Kansas prairie dog hunts at Gauge Outfitters are outstanding. We have access thousands of acres of prairie dog towns located less than 30 minutes from our lodging facilities. Over 25 different prairie dog towns and counting to date where the avid sportsman can hone their hunting skills with a mid summer shoot. Wyoming is one of the best places for hunting prairie dogs. You will find abundant amount of white tailed PDs in all over this state. But, the thing that made Wyoming best is its prairie dog hunting laws and regulations. The Wyoming Department of Agriculture has declared prairie dogs as pests – so, in public lands you won’t require any.

Prairie Dog Hunting Packages. With anywhere from 50 to 1000 acre dog towns you’re sure to have plenty to shoot at. And don't worry about having to hunt the same place day after day we take you to a different town every day, and if the shooting gets slow on your town well bring you to another one. Prairie dog hunting is becoming very hot in places such as the Midwest, where prairie dogs are very abundant today. Very simply, while this form of hunting will certainly never be at the top of most hunters list, it still is a great way to stay sharp with your hunting skills during the off-season. Although most prairie dog hunters utilize predator hunting rifles and calibers, you can test your skills with archery equipment, muzzleloaders or even a shotgun in the majority of states. Even so it is best to check regulations. What is the Best Time of Year? Since prairie dogs don’t hibernate in a true sense you can hunt them year-round.

Ultimate Prairie Dog Hunting. Welcome to Ultimate Prairie Dog Hunting, a comprehensive prairie dog hunting directory of guides, outfitters, lodges, land, trips and ranches to shoot for prairie dogs. Please visit our recommended prairie dog hunting outfitters or browse the state by state directory. Take a look at this website; Ultimate Prairie Dog Hunting Also take a look over at the Long Range Hunting Forum under the Varmint section. You may be able to find some post there that could help out. I haven't used anyone from the website yet but this can give you a good starting point. Last edited: Jan 7, 2020. Prairie dog hunting, and all other wildlife regulation, fall under the Colorado Division of Wildlife's jurisdiction. Regulations are set forth to license hunters, set dates and fees and address the destruction of private property. The prairie dog is an entertaining mammal that can also destroy large portions of.

One way is through prairie dog hunting. Landowners in areas with exploding populations welcome hunters to help thin out the numbers. Prairie dogs are found mostly west of the Missouri River in western and southwestern North Dakota. They are found in the greatest numbers in two primary ranges: the Little Missouri National Grasslands complex and. South Dakota prairie dog hunting is legendary. I have heard reports stating that South Dakota has more prairie dogs than the rest of the country combined. To the South Dakota prairie dog hunter, that means an awful lot of long range target shooting! Prairie dogs offer sportsmen countless hours of entertainment. Prairie dog hunting is conducted in the Texas panhandle. The Texas panhandle is prime Prairie Dog Hunting territory, and we have the best Ranches to hunt Prairie Dogs. Prairie dog hunts are May – September. Common calibers for prairie dog hunting include 204, 222, 223, 220 swift, 22-250.

Prairie Dog Hunting is the Ultimate Rifleman’s Challenge. Large populations of both black and white-tailed prairie dogs are found throughout Wyoming, Oklahoma and Montana. For a hunter looking for a challenge, prairie dog hunting is a great way to increase your long range shooting skills. Prairie Dog Hunting. Xtreme Dream Outfitters offers summertime fun with our prairie dog hunts. Our hunts are done in multiple areas of the Ranch's and there is definitely no shortage of them. We usually shoot off and on for 6-8 hours a day but will cater this hunt to whatever time frame our shooters would like. Get ready for some challenging shooting. Shooting from long range at prairie dogs will challenge any shooter. Prairie dog hunting gives you the opportunity to do a lot of shooting and sharpen your shooting skills. The properties we hunt have an abundance of prairie dogs that will give you ample opportunity to test your skills.

Prairie dog hunting is addicting!! Wyoming is loaded with prairie dog towns and they need to be thinned out so its up to you to help us! Test your shooting skills and get lots of practice on these little targets. Shots can be anywhere from 50 yards to 500 yards and the action never ends. Our private ranch is located near Torrington so prairie. Prairie Dog Hunting Rates. Photo Gallery: View our up to date prairie dog hunting photo gallery. Price & Package: These prairie dog hunts are 3 day/3 night with lodging and meals included and priced at $1500 per hunter, we do not offer shorter prairie dog hunts. You may check in after 4:00 pm the day before your hunt starts, early arrivals will be charged a additional day. We offer several packages for the prairie dog hunting. You can either stay in Gillette, WY or stay at Skyline and enjoy the wide open spaces. If the weather is too rainy to get out to the prairie dog towns, you can still test your skill at our 14 00 yard range with indoor shooting benches. Each package is a minimum of a two day hunt with a.

Good prairie dog locations are generally not close to stores that are likely to have your brand and caliber of ammunition. Figure how many shots you’ll likely take and double it. Prairie dogs have ears. A suppressed rifle is a blessing on a prairie dog hunt for two reasons. Prairie dog hunting is almost entirely about shooting. A hunter, equipped with an accurate rifle with a powerful scope, and a rangefinder, approaches a prairie dog “town”, selects an animal, takes aim and shoots. If that sounds easy, you probably never tried it. To hit such a small target at the range of a few hundred yards is a challenge. Hunting on federal grounds is a great experience in itself. The Fort Pierre National Grasslands that lie south of Ft. Pierre have abundant native prairie, lots of dog towns and prairie dogs too. Prairie dog hunting is free on these places and you can easily find the contact numbers after doing little research.

Corporate Prairie Dog Shoots. Bring your employees or important clients out to the Buffalo Butte Ranch. Side Photo – H-S precision at the Buffalo Butte Ranch 1,100 yard range with Owners Dillon & Marshall Springer Booking and Reservations. Combine your prairie dog hunt with a pheasant hunt or fishing.Call or email us today and get your prairie dog hunt reserved.

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