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warning puppy scams QR Code Link to This Post DON'T GIVE OUT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER there are so, so many fake ads trying to get you to call or email directly just so they can sell your email of phone number. Puppy buying is at an all-time high — so it’s no surprise that you may be on the search for a new dog right now. But the truth is, as puppy buying rises, so do puppy scams. In today’s.

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Craigslist is the modern version of the classifieds that formerly propagated the newspapers. A great venue for selling locally, Craigslist can be useful for unloading your old wares. However, if you plan to use these classifieds frequently, you will need to know how to spot a scam on Craigslist.

Puppy scams craigslist. How these scams work You visit a reputable newspaper or online classifieds website. Scammers will post an ad offering a pedigree pet for a really cheap price or sometimes even free. The ad may include a picture of a very cute kitten or puppy and claim that it is registered and has been ‘lovingly raised’. MALTESE PUPPY SCAMS (Jacksonville) QR Code Link to This Post. My husband and I were wanting a Maltese puppy. I contacted almost every ad on craigslist and through the market place by Facebook. Every one of them more scams. Please be careful when buying a puppy off please sites. never give them money prior to getting the dog. I wanted to warn others who might become victims when I recognized that Craig’s List is flooded with scams. What alerted me is the effort of the scammers to get advanced money i.e. deposit, free puppy but shipping cost (owner always conveniently far away) over selling descriptions and fake concerns about the puppies welfare like a short.

Most ads for dogs on craigslist and elsewhere are scams of some kind or ads by people who do not care about dogs.. My last (and current) puppy I got from Craigslist for $20. She is a Jack. Reports show there are thousands of people around the country, and the world, who have become victims of puppy scams, and many of these typically begin with a fake web site and stolen photos. 9 Signs Of A Puppy Scam. Prices are too good to be true, or the price is negotiable, on sale or at a discounted price Puppy is free if you pay for shipping; Seller won’t talk on the phone and only communicates through emails or texts; The only way to get the puppy is to have it shipped to you, and you can’t pick it up; You must pay by money transfer or prepaid debit card

Just wanted to warn people there are multiple puppy scams on here. Don’t ever send a deposit without seeing the puppy in person. They will try to make you feel that many people are interested so send a deposit quick. Ask for specific pictures, anyone who has the pup at their house can produce a side view pic or another front view. Just a warning The BBB received over 10,000 complaints about puppy scams over the last three years, Baker said, and in 59% of cases, no dog was ever received. That number doesn’t include other types of pets. Baker also obtained a 2015 draft study from the FTC through a FOIA request that showed some 37,000 complaints of the same type. puppy scams (sarasota) QR Code Link to This Post They are carefully written and photographed, and sound very solid and believable – that is the art and skill of the scammer.

Puppy Craigslist Scam? Hey guys, I am really unsure as to whether or not I am being scammed and could use some help. I ended up responding to a post on CL that was advertising 4 dachshund puppies. The post was pretty simple, it had 4 pictures of the different puppies with one line of text briefly mentioning that there was a rehoming fee, and to. I found a lady on craigslist with husky pups -free, we texted and emailed. After she found out where I lived (nj) she said she lived in Seatle Washington, she could have the puppy shipped to me. So the shipping company uship pro delivery needed a payment of $250.00 only by western union ( which should have sent a red flag up but I really wanted. French bulldog breeder scams and puppy farms. Puppy farms, while not being a new phenomenon, are increasing in number, especially for breeds that are popular and can be worth a lot of money. And, with French Bulldogs easily costing over $2,500 dollars per puppy, Frenchie’s are one of their favourite breeds to use as part of their scams.

That means more today than it ever has when it comes to online puppy scams. I had been looking over the puppy ads from various sites trying to find a new female Siberian puppy to add to our kennel. I ran across a pic of a male and female husky puppy that were just gorgeous and the best part was they were local. The price was cheap too. The Michigan Attorney General’s Office has received nearly 20 complaints of alleged puppy scams since 2017, including two reported so far in 2019. The money lost can be significant. THOMASVILLE, N.C. — Dozens of people are looking for answers after being scammed by a Craigslist ad claiming to sell purebred puppies. The ad has popped up in North Carolina, South Carolina and.

THOMASVILLE, N.C. (WGHP) — Dozens of people are looking for answers after being scammed by a Craigslist ad claiming to sell purebred puppies. The ad has popped up in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. The suspect may actually be from Thomasville. Police tell FOX8 they’ve already received a few calls from people who fell […] The Craigslist Puppy Scam So for my first post I want to tell everyone about something that happened to me just the other day. Here’s the story behind how I got here too. For the longest time now I’ve wanted a chihuahua puppy and about a month ago I decided that I was ready and able to get one now.. Tags: Craigslist, Internet Scams. Better Business Bureau (BBB) conducted a study on Craigslist puppy scams (and other similar internet sales of dogs), finding that 12.5% of all reported online purchase fraud was related.

Please be advised of the plethora of puppy scams. Most involve you sending over $100 – $200 to cover the "delivery" of the puppy. IT'S A SCAM!!! Remember that if the deal seems too good, it probably isn't. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers Examples of Scams. 1. Someone claims your transaction is guaranteed, that a buyer/seller is officially certified, OR that a third party of any kind will handle or provide protection for a payment:. These claims are fraudulent, as transactions are between users only. The scammer will often send an official looking (but fake) email that appears to come from craigslist or another third party. I have been looking for a puppy on craigslist. Although, it seems that every person I contact about a puppy live out of state and has to ship the puppy to me. They say the only payment they want is that of the shipping and that I pay the shipping company directly. I'm not sure if it's a scam or not. I have no problem paying a real company to ship my dog but I want to make sure I'm nnot getting.

Puppy Scams are online scams run by organized criminals. This scam is being run at an industrial level with some criminal groups creating 100s of websites to convince consumers to part with their money. Commonly called a “Puppy Scam”, this scam can use kittens, horses, tortoises or any other pets as bait.

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