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Although not very familiar among raccoon hunters, calling these animals can improve the hunter's efficiency. Not many studies have been done in this domain but one thing is for sure, there are many similarities between how to call raccoons and how hunters call foxes. Below we will try to share our raccoon calling tips that we consider to be useful for both amateur and professional hunters who. Calling Raccoons on Cape Cod. Raccoons are known to respond to woodpecker and bird distress sounds, raccoon pup sounds, red fox pup sounds and raccoon fight sounds. Most calling for raccoons is done at night, but raccoons will also respond to raccoon fight sounds during the day if calling is done close to their denning trees.

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Baying is when a raccoon has run up into a tree in an attempt to get away from the hounds chasing it. This is a pivotal moment and the excitement is extremely high. It’s also the most dangerous part and the one most people get wrong. Here are raccoon hunting tips for when you’ve bayed the animal: Have light on the animal as quickly as possible

Racoon calling tips. The Sells’ raccoon-calling expertise is well-known among trappers and fur-trade folks, but most varmint hunters overlook the tactic because they focus on fox and coyotes. “As far as I know, daytime raccoon calling started with Mike Sells, and their video gives lots of good tips,” Polensky said. Often the best method is trapping and removal read about raccoon trapping tips here. Many people ask about what bait to use for raccoons if catching them in a cage. Or better yet, prevention is often the best approach. I have listed several techniques for how to keep raccoons away. If calling in daylight I try to find a den tree, finding that a fight sequence will bring the big boars charging down the tree in daylight, if he’s in an aggressive mood. Lamping is an effective means of hunting raccoons, that I’ve often employed on the large ranches in Texas (where the use of spotlights is legal).

Raccoons in the daytime? – posted in Varmint, Small Game and Hog Hunting: Anybody have any success hunting coons in the daytime? Michigan law does not allow night time hunting unless one is following dogs, and my chessies don't really care to trail coon! I would like to get a few to 1.) decrease the population in my duck hunting area and 2.) Calling with a light prevailing wind is not much of a problem, but when the wind speeds are more than 10 mph or higher, you are in for a challenge. Not only is it more difficult to call a coon in the wind, but the animal, even a curious coon, is more jittery and cautious. Predator Calling Tips for When the Weather Sucks By Joe Arterburn November 13, 2018. Mark Zepp's Tactics for Hunting Coyotes in Lousy Weather.. (He sells his own predator, raccoon and deer calls, all of this own design, DVDs, cool leather gear and other products on his website.) He said he has videos of coyotes “coming in on rainy days and.

Varmint Hunting Share your experiences, tips, techniques, and thoughts about varmint hunting here.. (1/2-1 hour) and try calling again but make sure the caller and decoy is not where he can see it unless he comes all the way out. No real need to worry about the wind or scent control. Try to be quiet on the way in and keep talking to a minimum. I managed to shoot a bunch of raccoon this year by calling them with my FoxPro Fury. I used the following: aggressive coon, coon fight, baby in distress, and the distressed blue jay. Find a hollow tree, place the caller, turn it on, and wait for the coon to get all the way out of the hole before shooting. Coyote Calls and Calling | Calls, Sounds, Tactics, and Tips! Successful coyote calling comes down to knowing what prey animals are likely in the area you will be hunting and the skill of cadence, timing, and precision in using coyote calls. There are hand/mouth coyote calls and electronic coyote calls available to coyote hunters.

Submitted by: Team Xplore – Daytime Raccoon calling is quickly becoming one of my favorite mid winter hunts! The cool thing is that I can go out and do a coyote/fox set and look for coon trees on the way in and then call them once I'm done coyote hunting on the way back to the truck! This video covers a few tips that have helped me start to increase the number of coons I Coon calling can be easy and hard, at the same time. You should talk to the boys from Minaska and get their insight. Check out their DVD called "Crumblin' Coons" It's a daytime hunting video, but I bet they tell you their best luck comes at night. The RaccoonPro electronic raccoon calls caller app provides you REAL raccoon hunting calls at your fingertips. These raccoon calls are clear, crisp and recorded from REAL raccoons. 10 unique raccoon hunting soundtracks included. Connect the app to your speaker and amplifier system to play the raccoon hunting calls loud. Get The Raccoon Calls App

Raccoon Repelling Tips. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You can take steps to keep raccoons from making their home on your property and prevent problems before they arise by following these tips: Build a fence. A sturdy fence with electrical wire along the bottom can help keep raccoons out at night. There is plenty hunters should know before hunting raccoon. This page provides helpful tips and pointers to both new and experienced hunters. There are two different calling methods you can use. Electronic calls play on a CD. These calls have many different sounds like a distressed bird, raccoon. If you are calling with a partner, you could use a mouth or hand call to call raccoons. You just need to make sure your backdoor is covered. You don’t want to get surprised by a pissed off raccoon. A Close One. I was calling alone one night several years ago and nearly got jacked up by a pissed off raccoon.

Racoon calling tips? Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Sniper66, Nov 13, 2019. Sniper66 Member. Joined: Jan 22, 2012 Messages: 2,289 Location: NE Kansas. At various times in the past few years friends or family have asked me to dispose of pesky coons that invade their barns or kill their chickens. I've wanted to try calling coons, but have. Important Facts You Must Know Before Calling Wildlife Animal Removal and Pest Control Services When unwanted wildlife animals and pests from outside invade your home, it would often become a nuisance, and then an overwhelming headache for homeowners to deal with. If you want to avoid calling animal control for a raccoon removal, you should follow the raccoon prevention tips below. Raccoon Prevention Tip #1: Don’t neglect your landscaping You may think you only need to concentrate on protecting your house itself, but your landscaping may provide an easy route for raccoons to get inside.

There are some good instructions videos out there. “Daytime Coon Calling” by Mike Sells is a good one. Some days the calling works well!! Other times not, so if you tried a good den area and nothing responded, it may be worth the time to try it again later. PS- Take a kid with you, it can be very fast action and always a hoot. Good luck. this afternoon me and a buddy went coon calling for the first time. we were out all afternoon giving it our best shot in a coon populated area. we were using a hand held E-caller with rabbit distresses, coon distresses, bird distresses, coon fights, and several others. i know people call during the day and we had very little success. We mostly called to a general area with the raccoon fight. Page 1 of 3 – racoon calling day light hours – posted in Varmint & Small Game Hunting: I went out last saturday on the south plate and tried to call yotes ( to windy on the flat land). started out with woodpecker had no luck so i tried racoon fighting on my fox pro and called one out of a tree 20 yards away from my 8 year old son and I. shoot the coon twice and still lost him, my son thought.

People who hunt raccoon frequently run into a number of issues along the way. These small critters are actually quite survival savvy, so you’ll need all the help you can get if you want to successfully hunt one (or more) of them down in the near future.. There are certain raccoon hunting tips to keep in mind when you’re chasing down local ringtails.

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