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Leucistic Sister Sugar Gliders. Leucistic Sister Sugar Gliders have white fur with black eyes. They even have terribly clear, or semitransparent, ears. This color is either fully displayed, or not gift. In alternative words, 2 alleles should be gift for this gene to be phenotypically (physically) displayed. We are a small hobby breeder of platinum, platinum mosaic and leucistic sugar gliders! Sugar Glider Handbook Download If you’re new to the world of sugar gliders and want to learn more about these beautiful creatures, check out the pages under the Sugar Gliders Basics tab at the top of the page.

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Purchasing Your Sugar Glider . Sugar gliders are illegal in a few states, including Alaska, Hawaii, and California. But even if your state allows them, make sure they are legal at the local level. Plus, in some locations, they require permits to keep.

Sugar glider leucistic. Leucistic sugar glider. May 10 2009. 12:36:05 PM. Linzie Face Hugger 437 Posts www . I was wondering who has leucistic gliders and if you have pictures I want to see them please. May 10 2009. 01:26:11 PM. stepakapets101 Super Glider Canada 366 Posts permalink . 3. Sugar Glider Leucistic Sumber gambar: Pets & Hobbies. Berbeda dengan kedua sugar glider sebelumnya, sugar glider leucistic memiliki warna putih bersih di sekujur tubuhnya. Jenis sugar glider ini juga termasuk yang memiliki harga cukup mahal, yakni bisa mencapai belasan juta rupiah, lho! Baca juga: Jenis-jenis Hamster Jinak untuk Jadi Hewan. rare sugar glider . Ruby Leu – A Ruby Leucistic could be a Leucistic and a cremeino sugar sailplane, (all white body) with red eyes. it’s made by each oldsters carrying the leucitic and cremeino genes (or the fogeys may be one in every of those colours and be heterozygous for the opposite color).

Sugar Glider Leucistic Sugar Glider Leucistic. Sugar glider leucistic ini terbilang cukup mirip dengan sugar glider albino. Kedua jenis sugar glider ini sangat jarang ditemukan dipasaran karena biasanya sugar glider tersebut diperoleh karena gen yang unik. Sugar glider leucistic memiliki bulu berwarna putih bersih diseluruh tubuhnya. Leave this field empty if you're human: Home / SUGAR GLIDERS / Leucistic. Leucistic Leucistic – A leucistic is a white sugar glider with black eyes. Also called a Leu. Leu het – Usually a gray glider that has one parent that is a Leu so it carries one copy of the Leu gene. If bred with another Leucistic or Leu Het glider the joeys could be Leu's Black Eyed White – Another name for a leucistic, also called BEW.

White Mosaic: Has a white fur color, with little to no dark fur, may have dark spots on the ears ranging in size and pigment, will look like a leucistic sugar glider; may or may not have leu genetics.To be considered a White Mosaic, it must have been born almost entirely white. These joeys, when crossed with the leucistic gliders, may be difficult to identify at first. Jual Sugar Glider Leucistic betina OOP 1 Desember 2019. Kode SGT-73A ini memiliki indukan Leucistic di kedua belah pihak. Biasanya Sugar Glider siap hidup mandiri di usia kurang lebih 2 bulan. Sugar Glider Leucistic memiliki ciri berbulu putih polos dan memiliki mata hitam. Leucistic sendiri termasuk gen Resesif. Ketika usia dewasa… Artikel / Tips Perawatan Sugar Glider. 26 March 2020. Tips Sebelum Membeli Sugar Glider. Membeli Sugar Glider membutuhkan kejelian dan pengetahuan. Karena yang sering terjadi adalah calon pembeli merasa.

Sugar Glider Leucistic memiliki ciri berbulu putih polos dan memiliki mata hitam. Leucistic sendiri termasuk gen Resesif. Ketika usia dewasa akan berwarna sedikit kekuningan. Pada dasarnya perawatan Sugar Glider semua sama. Akan tetapi memang ada beberapa varian yang membutuhkan perhatian khusus di beberapa hal. Leucistic adalah salah satu. ADDRESS. 11407 Craighead Dr. Houston, TX 77025. PHONE (713) 446-4415. HOURS OF OPERATION. Monday 9AM–4PM Tuesday 9AM–4PM Wednesday 9AM–4PM Thursday 9AM–4PM I recently bought a "Leucistic" sugar glider with a platinum male, leucistic het, with the intentions of breeding. I've owned sugar gliders for years now and have bred for a while, and decided I wanted a pair that would make some Leucistics.

Leucistic sugar gliders have white fur with black eyes. They also have very clear, or translucent, ears. This color is either completely displayed, or not present. In other words, two alleles must be present for this recessive gene to be physically displayed. View our Leucistic Sugar Gliders for sale below. Will Produce, Cremeino, Leucistic and Ruby Leu joeys COI of Joeys – 2.2%. Bond Leucistic Male 100% Cremeino het OOP Date: 7/14/19 Parents: Avrio & Chessi. Giggles Cremeino Female 100% Leucistic het OOP date: 1/29/19 Parents: Cadbury & Princess Price: $900 AVAILABLE Sugar Glider Leucistic; Jenis ini termasuk salah satu jenis yang paling cantik dan imut. Berbeda dengan jenis lainnya, warna tubuh jenis leucistic yang putih bersih tanpa ada campuran abu-abu membuatnya semakin menarik dilihat apalagi dipelihara. Sugar glider yang ditawarkan juga tak kalah menarik dengan warnanya, biasanya jenis ini dibandrol.

A Ruby Leucistic is a Leucistic and a cremeino sugar glider, (all white body) with red eyes. The Ruby Platinum will be solid white with red eyes! These are very rare sugar gliders and have been bred recessive to recessive to produce this trait. View our Ruby Leucistic and Ruby Platinum Sugar Gliders for sale below. Harga sugar glider leucistic hampir sama dengan harga sugar glider albino, meski ditemukan pula sugar glider leucistic yang harganya jauh lebih mahal dari jenis albino. Harga : 10-15 Juta. 4. White face. Jenis sugar glider ini mirip dengan jenis classic grey. Sugar glider tipe albino tergolong tipe paling mahal harganya. Di Indonesia sendiri, harga seekor sugar glider albino berkisar antara 10 sampai 15 juta. Leucistic. Tipe selanjtnya ialah tipe sugar glider leucistic. Sekilas tipe ini mirip sugar glider albino. Perbedaan leucistic dengan albino terletak pada warna matanya.

Tipe sugar glider yang lain adalah sugar glider leucistic. Jenis sugar glider ini memiliki kesamaan warna dengan sugar glider albino, yaitu warna putih polos di seluruh tubuhnya. Namun, jenis ini mempunyai warna mata yang hitam pekat sama seperti sugar glider pada umumnya. Leucistic sugar gliders are solid white with black eyes. This color variation is produced by recessive genes which means that both parents must have the leucistic gene. What’s fascinating is that a glider can have the gene for the color leucistic, but be a standard gray. DISCOUNTS: We offer discounts for purchasing multiple gliders from us. $25 will be taken off the price of every additional sugar glider purchased after the first one. TRANSPORT: We can offer to arrange nationwide transport options within the continental United States with a third-party transport company.The fee for door-to-door delivery with our partnered USDA-certified pet transporters is.

Sugar Glider Leucistic memiliki ciri berbulu putih polos dan memiliki mata hitam. Leucistic sendiri termasuk gen Resesif. Ketika usia dewasa… Artikel. 19 March 2020. Jenis Sugar Glider Berdasarkan Warna. Jenis Sugar Glider bedasarkan warna ada banyak sekali. Tercatat lebih dari 30 jenis warna Sugar Glider yang pernah terdokumentasikan.

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