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View Pet Baby Water Turtles. Find baby turtle in pets | find or rehome a dog, cat, bird, horse and more on kijiji: Pets offered by humane societies and shelters, owners and new baby aquatic turtles just arrived at pet o pets!!

Choosing A Turtle Vs A Tortoise: A Simple Guide
Choosing A Turtle Vs A Tortoise: A Simple Guide from www.animalhub.com

Many people purchase baby turtles or tortoises because of how cute they are, not knowing that these animals have more to them that meets the eye. This happened in 1975 after two decades of baby turtles being sold by mail order or in dime stores. however, unlike some turtles, they do not like brackish water and spend the winter burrowed in mud. Baby slider turtles have been very popular as pet turtles for sale near me and for good reason.

Also, sliders are fairly easy to care for.

Lighting types for pet turtles. With their modest requirements and hardy nature, turtles make excellent pets. Mud turtles are a good first pet turtle, they are relatively easy to maintain, they don't baby musk turtles are a little fragile, but after a few months that is no longer a problem. He is super fast and swims around to catch them.