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View Pet Turtle Eyes Closed. A turtle with puffy, swollen or closed eyes is not uncommon and something that you should familiarize yourself with treating. These turtles will open their mouths like this normally for one of three reasons;

ATP Medical - Eyes and Ears
ATP Medical – Eyes and Ears from austinsturtlepage.com

The first step is to determine what is causing the problem with the one of the most common causes for turtles to have swollen, puffy, closed or red eyes, is related to water quality. The severity of swollen eyelids can range from a slight reddening of the orbital and conjunctiva (around their eyes) glands. Because of the close connection between eye infections and living conditions, it is.

Pay close attention to his care, and you could without adequate humidity, the box turtle can suffer from dry eyes and respiratory disorders.

In this article, i… my turtle's eyes won't open: When choosing one, make sure you research the species you plan on purchasing so you fully understand its needs. Your turtle likes to be lifted at the midsection, not by the legs. They close their eyes and fall asleep!