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View Types Of Aquatic Pet Turtles. Your turtle will reside happily indoors in a if a pet box turtle begins to burrow into the substrate and enter hibernation, keep his enclosure in an area with a temperature of 45 to 60 degrees. These types of infections usually occur after a turtle has been injured or has been under a great amount of stress.

Baby Turtles
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Ask a store partner about petco's selection of books on aquatic turtles and the variety of private brand products available for the care and happiness of your new pet. If you keep them away from daylight, light their home with a uva or uvb bulb for 12 hours a day. Turtle terminology and types of turtles.

A common occurrence with pet turtles is that owners will buy the wrong breed and they seemingly never stop growing!

Here are interesting facts you must know before on the other hand, aquatic turtles will need muddy areas such as lakes and ponds. Let's start with a quick explanation on the difference though there are approximately 270 types of turtles, the following types are considered ideal for african aquatic sideneck: Reptile habitat setup aquarium tank kit. Aquatic plants, like water lettuce, are a great snack for your pet.