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Some audio examples of groundhog sounds can be found at Hoghaven. Other Names for Groundhogs. Depending upon where you live, groundhogs might be known by several different names. The most common nickname is the woodchuck, which many people mistakenly think refers to a different animal. Other common nicknames include land beaver and whistle pig. 2-door live trap – this trap features two doors through which the groundhog can easily walk in. Place your bait around the trigger plate as well, and this should be far enough from the entrance to accommodate the woodchuck’s whole body before the door shuts on it.

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Then, bait the trap with lettuce, carrots, and celery, and set it up to stay open so the groundhog gets used to going inside it. After 3 days, set the trap to close once the groundhog walks in. Afterwards, check the trap frequently to ensure that the groundhog isn’t left inside it for too long.

Woodchuck groundhog bait. Best Groundhog Baits. One of the best foods to use for baiting your trap would be that which your groundhog steals from your garden. If you aren't sure, groundhogs are attracted to herbaceous green plants and sweet fruits – choose a ripe, nutrient-rich food or vegetable as bait. The Groundhog Day ceremony featuring Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania is the most popular. Habitat The most commonly-known woodchuck species, the Marmota monax or groundhog, mainly lives in th e eastern part of North America but also extends into the Northwest. Whistle Pig woodchuck or groundhog paste bait. This is a blend of no less than four irresistible essential oils, plants, and vegetable juices compounded to really make the groundhogs mouth water. – WCS™ Whistle Pig Woodchuck Paste Bait (NWS009)

Pro-Pest Professional Lure for Woodchucks and Groundhogs is a specially formulated attractant that provides a pesticide-free solution in getting rid of these nuisance animals. Place the bait right at the end of the trap, so groundhogs must walk the entire distance. Keep the bait away from the trap’s walls so that the groundhog won’t be able to reach in from the sides. Rub cantaloupe juice over the trap to encourage the groundhog to enter. Method 2 : Place the bait right in the middle of the trap. Bait is important with groundhog trapping, especially if you want the whole ordeal over and done with as soon as possible. One thing that has been shown to have very positive results with groundhog trapping is cantaloupe that has been cut down to square chunks, around two inches by two inches in size.

Groundhog holes can be dangerous for some pets as well if they happen to step into a hold and break or injure a leg. While dealing with groundhogs, woodchuck repellants , deterrents, mothballs or sprinkling coyote urine around the yard can help to deter the varmints without using poison. Yellow fly bait crystals can kill multiple groundhogs at once like fumigants can. As with fumigants, however, they cause the animal to suffer before dying, making it an inhumane option. Strychnine is another poison option and this one works by suffocating the groundhog and is not any more humane. Live traps work via a spring loaded door. You place the bait inside the trap, the groundhog enters to eat the bait, and their weight causes the spring loaded mechanism to snap the door closed behind them. Baiting live traps Taking inventory of what the groundhog has been eating comes in here. Those items are what you will use to bait your trap.

Pro-Pest Woodchuck/Groundhog Lure 4oz. Description Pro-Pest Professional Nuisance Wildlife Lure for Woodchucks and Groundhogs is made with 100% food grade ingredients containing vegetables and berries that create a scent that is irresistible to groundhogs and woodchucks. Apply a teaspoon of lure on a slice of apple, or piece of lettuce or cabbage and place behind the trip pan of a live animal. The groundhog is a large ground squirrel that you can see climbing a tree or swimming in the pond. The problem with these nice creatures is that they are common garden pests because of their habit of eating fruits, berries, grass, and the bark of the trees. If you are baiting the groundhog-whether it is to eat some form of poison or enter into a trap, make sure you bait them away from home. Wherever their burrow is, place the bait away from the house because they tend to move in the direction of the home. To scare them away without poison or traps, use vibrations in the ground to scare them away.

The groundhog shown in the movie Groundhog Day looks like a cute little creature, but, in reality, there's nothing cute about these animals. A groundhog (Marmota monax)—otherwise known as a woodchuck, land beaver, or whistle pig—is a rodent.It will mercilessly eat the plants in your garden until there's nothing left and will make holes all over your yard. The container is smaller than some, but there is still plenty of poison in one package. We love the low cost of this groundhog and gopher killer and found it successful if poison was placed in each fresh tunnel or groundhog burrow. This rodenticide uses cracked corn as the lure, which makes for an exceptionally tempting bait to groundhogs. The best groundhog trap is perhaps the basic box-type cage trap. For your bait, you can use most fruits, but groundhogs especially love cantaloupes. Rub the inside and outside of the trap with cantaloupe and put a few pieces of the fruit inside.

The groundhog (Marmota monax), also known as a woodchuck, is a rodent of the family Sciuridae, belonging to the group of large ground squirrels known as marmots. It was first scientifically described by Carl Linnaeus in 1758.. The groundhog is also referred to as a chuck, wood-shock, groundpig, whistlepig, whistler, thickwood badger, Canada marmot, monax, moonack, weenusk, red monk and, among. While bait can help to decide whether or not a groundhog trap is successful, the location of the trap is an even more important part of the trapping process. It is best to locate the trap around six feet away from the entry hole to the burrow, and if you have more than one entry point, installing multiple traps can help to increase the chances. Blackie's Blend Berry Sweet is a fruity-smelling woodchuck bait that also works to lure in raccoons, foxes, and other small mammals. It can work year-round but might become icy in the winter. This groundhog bait can be used in live traps and is non-toxic.

Pro-Pest Professional Lures for Woodchucks and Groundhogs with 100% food-grade materials. It has no peanuts and no pesticides, with no known allergens. It may be used in sensitive areas like nurseries, day care centers, hospitals, food processing plants, etc. The scent of Pro-Pest Woodchuck/Groundhog lure is made of from attractants such as kosher certified fruit based items and is long lasting. Groundhog/Woodchuck Baits and Lures from Wildlife Control Supplies (Page 1 of 2). Whistle Stop Woodchuck bait (plant base) $8.00. Quickview. Add to Cart. Blackies Blend Fur King (Sweet Paste) $8.00. Quickview. Add to Cart. Blackie's Blend Super Pak. $35.00. Quickview. FPS Baits & Lures (ADC woodchuck, Groundhog bait) live trap NEW SALE. $19.25. Free shipping. 17 sold. The Ground Hog 3in1 Digging Tool Hammer Trowel Hoe Multi Tool Trapping Supplies. $29.35. Free shipping. Watch. DUKE #160 BODY GRIP TRAP FOR RACCOON FISHER GROUNDHOG WOODCHUCK . $9.00. $10.49 shipping.

Other than ‘groundhog’, this rodent is also known as land-beaver, whistle pig and woodchuck. Size of a Groundhog. Groundhog measures 16-26 inches and weighs around 4-9 lbs, it is the largest member of the Sciuridae family in this region – something which aptly reflects on its eating habits. On an average, groundhogs eat one-third of their.

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